To go or not go see some LEGO in Hong Kong?

Not much of a dilemma if it’s in some store that I can pop by at my convenience.  But going to the 14th Hong Kong Ani-com 香港動漫電玩節, or ACG 2012 is another story.

香港樂高迷用戶組- Hong Kong LEGO Users Group (HKLUG) have been postings such interesting pics and information from the ACG that I am sorely tempted… then again, I understand that ACG is so crowded that there is a good chance I may not even get to the booth if I go.  Gosh, I really hate queues.

Of course, I have limited time in Hong Kong and other interests like COS, Maud Frizon, H&M, Homeless and Goods of Desire are on my must-dos.  😦

6 Responses to To go or not go see some LEGO in Hong Kong?

  1. Yih Sheng says:

    you should go! and lego in hong kong is cheap!

  2. Yih Sheng says:

    Aiks. should have told you not their TRU, but local third party toy shop that sell lego

    • amodularlife says:

      @Yih Sheng: Any particular store that you’ll recommend? Good chance I’ll go back later this year. This trip was really too rushed anyway – I just stayed on HK Island the entire time, no chance to go to TST at all.

      • Yih Sheng says:

        They are mostly located at kowloon area. there is a place called in’s point at yau ma tei 油麻地. there are a lot of individual that open own shop as second job, so their working hours from 6pm-10pm on weekdays and 2pm-10pm on weekends, some vary of course.
        you can refer here

      • Yih Sheng says:

        also, some shop mention in the block may already moved. and every shop i went only provide cash and carry. (which make me failed to get my modular on my last trip, so sad..)

        p/s: the post is not from me. haha. just found it as a easy reference

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