Is this a new series of “megafig” money banks?

As soon as I saw the pic in the local Toysrus (TRU) catalog when I visited Hong Kong, I wanted one.  Unfortunately the stock had not arrived when I left Hong Kong. TRU calls it the “LEGO Ninjago Collectible Money Bank”.  Measures 34 cm according to an eBay listing.  Will be great for displays or as presents for little (or bigger) boys. I can only hope that we’ll get it in Singapore soon, and have more designs to pick from… Imagine a clone trooper version. The SW fans will go crazy…

SKN# 933503

Price (each) : HK$299.90 (approx SGD50)


3 Responses to Is this a new series of “megafig” money banks?

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    HK TRU items will typically be available in Singapore as they belong to the same owner. So let’s keep our eyes peeled on our local TRU for this…..

  2. ultraman_bc says:

    Just saw the Megafig bank on sale at TRU Forum. Didn’t ask for the price…. my son wasn’t keen, so I decided I save the money for more army building….

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