Some stationery spotted in Hong Kong

Think these are new but I can’t be sure since I am honestly slightly out of touch (only slightly cos I do know about all the major new sets…).

Anyways, in case you are going to Hong Kong, you can look out for them in Toysrus (TRU).  Since I didn’t have the chance to check out any other stores, not sure if the little hobby stores would carry stationery too.

LEGO Minifigure Head Sharpener – SKN# 933562 / HKD24.90

Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959618 / HKD79.90

Ninjago Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959626 / HKD79.90

Drink Bottle – SKN# 959685  / HKD79.90

Ninjago Drink Bottle – SKN# 959693  / HKD79.90

Ok, a few others that I am lazy to add cos I don’t find them very interesting… colour pencils, activity books and the like. You may want to pop by the HK TRU site to see more: LINK

10 Responses to Some stationery spotted in Hong Kong

  1. Ng Boon Chong says:

    They are all available in Singapore and Malaysian TRU store too. There is one set which is the whole works, pencils, sharpeners, set holder etc… which I am actually attracted to…

  2. carpathia says:

    yeah. it is also available in KL TRU stores but the price… really expensive.

  3. ultraman_bc says:

    The one I mentioned above is called art carousel and it cost $49.90 locally here in Singapore. As for Legoland, apparently the prices are quite on par to Singapore SRP, still more worthwhile to buy here than at the park (since you can get the occasional 20% discount). Then again, they may have some exclusives that is Legoland specific….

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