My new Ninjago money bank

Finally got one. Popped by the Toysrus near my office and got a ‘ninja’ for home. Side-by-side with my megafig for scale comparison:

If you are curious, the legs are fixed and can’t be moved to ‘sitting position, and the hood cannot be removed.  The coin slot is near the top just at the back of the ‘head’, and the cover (to retrieve coins) is at the bottom of one of the legs.  Here’s the selection at the TRU that I visited:


6 Responses to My new Ninjago money bank

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    So How much was it? You happy with the purchase?

    • amodularlife says:

      @BC: S$59.95. Happy? Not quite – think I have so many sets it takes a lot more to make me ‘happy’ or excited about a new purchase. Do you feel the same? I do find it cute and I think it’ll make a great present for my nephew. Price is more expensive than HK btw.

      • ultraman_bc says:

        $60….hmm, overpriced in my opinion, definitely not what I would buy so I would not get it. Anyway, I still get excited buying sets, especially if they come from a theme which I liked very much. LOTR is a good example. Was busy planning on all the extras I need to get and clearing stocks at BL whenever they are listed. The last time I was in this frenzy was when Castle released Fantasy Era theme in 2007. So, I suppose there is still life in this hobby for me.

  2. dom says:

    Hi ML, which tru did u buy from? 🙂

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