Duplo 10531 Mickey Mouse & Friends set in Singapore

One favourite theme in my collection is the Mickey Mouse series (from 2000, that’s 12 years ago!).  So no surprise that the sight of these Duplo sets actually stopped me in my tracks and made me consider for an insane second to buy bucket… Ok, so not such a normal reaction for most people but hey I really really like the Mickey Mouse sets.

Hope that this is a precursor to normal system sized sets. Ditto for the Princess series. Fingers crossed that TLG and Walt Disney Co will continue to have a great partnership!  🙂


4 Responses to Duplo 10531 Mickey Mouse & Friends set in Singapore

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    If TLG ever comes out with a minifig-scale mickey mouse series, I will not hesistate. I might even buy Winnie the Pooh if there is a minifig-scale set released…. 8b

  2. Legoland says:

    Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to get older versions of duplo/lego here in Sabah, Malaysia – maybe impossible.

  3. Woon Tze says:

    Hi, this has nothing to do with Lego Mickey, but didn’t know where else I can post this question, anyone knows how I can get those exclusive sets from Lego Cuusoo in Singapore? Or any shop that may bring them in through order? Singapore is not within the country they ship to if you order online. Thanks in advance.

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