Wow, has been a while since I last posted.  The usual stuff happened, in the struggle with work-life balance, work has taken an upper hand and with less personal time available, I’ve simply re-prioritised where I want to/can spend my time on. So LEGO blogging now takes a back seat to actually trawling for latest news, playing with LEGO, or visiting LEGOLAND for the matter.

Some other changes to my LEGO habits since I realised that simply no longer have time to spare… I only buy those sets that I really like (and I try not to buy too many multiples, tho I still do), which still adds up to a heck of a lot of sets (what, like just all the Super Heroes sets, Lone Rangers, Monster Fighters, Modulars, UCS, etc, plus whichever SW, City, Creators & Friends sets that I fancy). As some of the local AFOLs have mentioned on the local forums (hey, I still read some of the forums now and then, and I can definitely track  links to my websites…), I can probably be termed as “semi-retired”. But I suspect that this semi-retired AFOL probably still spends a heck more on LEGO sets every month than most of the active AFOLs.

Anyway, I’ve started a few Pinterest boards and just thought to share. See, while I think I won’t have time with wordy posts, and blogging really needs a bit of time for prepping, Pinterest really takes the pain away. I just click “pin” and choose which board I want to add the pin to. Half the time (ok, more like 90%) I don’t even bother to edit the original comments. And with the Pinterest app being available on my iPhone (and iPad & Android), I can even add pins while queueing for my takeaway economy rice and kopi (local coffee) to eat at my desk (yes, work has been THAT busy).

Pinterest board by amodularlife: Dreamy homes I can live in... So I now have 7 Pinterest boards, some with some LEGO-related pins but you can decide which ones you wanna browse thru. Flickr and the usual AFOL sites still have way more cool creations and latest news regarding LEGO so didn’t see the point of creating a Pinterest board just for LEGO. If you are a long-time Pinterest user, can you tell me why I can hardly find any of the latest jaw dropping creations on Pinterest?

My Pinterest boards are:

  1. Dreamy homes I can live in… (think of it as a mood board for my future IDs, and includes some LEGO related ideas for my next home)
  2. Random beauty (stuff that touch my soul… errr… really? Just whatever takes my fancy lar)
  3. Useless info graphics you never knew you needed (those nuggets of info, all packaged in a nice info graphic…)
  4. Random home stuff (anything else that’s home related but can’t fit in the ‘mood board’, and includes some LEGO related products)
  5. Stupid funny stuff (can be stupid, or funny, or both)
  6. Christmas decor ideas (never too early to start planning, ha)
  7. So true quotes (yeah, that sort of quotes. Words of wisdom)

Some of them are quite sparsely pinned, but hey considering that I just started Pinterest and managed to accumulate over 400 pins so far, the overall stats is pretty darn impressive, if I say so myself.

So yeah, if you are interested do head on over to Pinterest to have a look. Click on the links or find me by searching under “People”, and type “amodularlife”. Simple ya? 🙂

Search under "People", and type "amodulariife"

Preview of my boards:

Oh, and one more thing, this is indeed my LEGO room:

LEGO room

Try to imagine it being a lot more cluttered after months of continued LEGO shopping… but yeah… renovating this place was what kept me busy for the longest time almost 2 years ago.  If you are curious to see more of my apartment/maisonette, my IDs uploaded some pictures on Architizer. TIP: Click on the smallish next button on the right side of the pics to scroll right and see more pics. Unfortunately no pics of my study, where the modular houses reside.

18 Responses to Hello…

  1. ultraman_bc says:

    Nice to hear from you, it is been a while. Do envy that you have at least have a room to nicely store the Lego… I don’t have such a luxury. Stuck to a five-room flat, could have gotten a bigger place but there was nothing that was in the market at that time unless I pay a ridiculous amount in the resale market. Well, enjoy the hobby, I won’t even call you semi-retired, to me retiring means stop buying and you have obviously not!

    • amodularlife says:

      @BC: Umm… I did pay quite a bit for my EM (tho luckily not $1 mil). But love my place so ok lar. Some more have Lego room so can’t complain ya? I suppose if I ever need this room then I’ll hv to rent storage too…
      Ok, inactive anyways, but still quietly shopping… like I just spent a few hundred today to get the Iron man polybags… one of those impulsive buys.

  2. walshklien says:

    Welcome back or not so welcome back… haha! Been a looooonggggg time since I read your post as well =P Lego room looks good! If I do get a new place I’d probably have a Toy Room since I also collect other stuff besides Lego. Hope all is well! Take care! =)

    • amodularlife says:

      @walshklien: Yeah all is well. Just super busy and tbh also distracted with other more usual ladies stuff like bags, jewellery… yeah. But yes having a toy room is good. My personal Lego store. Never fails to amaze anyone who visits my place tho conversations can get awkward. e.g:

      Usual reaction from visitors after spotting the Lego room:
      Visitor: Omg. Your husband collect a lot of Lego hor?! *wide-eyed*
      Me: Umm… mine. I am the collector.
      Visitor: You collect Lego? Really ah?
      Me: Umm… ya… but some are hubby’s. Like the SW big sets (points to a smallish pile of UCS boxes). But the rest are mine.
      *awkward silence*
      Visitor: Wow, that’s really a lot of Lego. My kids will love your place.
      Me: Oh, haha, my Lego is for collection. Kids not allowed. Probably not even mine if I have kids. Ya, like this set is $2k (points to some discontinued set)
      Visitor: …
      And he/she goes off thinking I’m some major geek/weirdo.

      Oh well…

  3. Ambo100 says:

    Your LEGO room is amazing! I really enjoy reading your blog posts, hopefully you’ll find the time to build again.

  4. Jonathan Lum says:

    Nice to hear from you again & great to see your Lego Room, too. It’s definitely easier for you to manage now. 8)

    Jonathan Lum

  5. george says:

    Hi where u bought the shelves for Lego? can post a pic of the shelf. I am looking for one now for my new home. 🙂

    • amodularlife says:

      @George: I got my contractor to install open shelves onto the walls… think plywood with laminates. Properly glassed up cabinets are advised for dust free displays! Mine get dusty. If you are not picky re: glass etc, try contacting those that specialise in shelves for storerooms… think there are a few nicer ones (look in Renotalk). Probably cheaper than using contractor.

  6. Cool, I’ll check our your Pinterest boards. I’ve been following this blog for a while. Check out my Lego contest here: http://smallplasticbricks.com/index.php/2013/05/win-a-free-15-lego-set/

  7. mond2 says:

    wow… welcome back… i more interested in the display you have… is that a red variant mirror build of the dragon you have on the 2nd top shelf? and the LOVE too on the 3rd! U must have really spend some time there… nice…

  8. ML says:

    Hi, love the way you have done up your place, not to mention nice Lego storage 😉. May I find out who installed the sliding folding balcony doors and windows? Is it easy to maintain and use?

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