This is a blog to share my random musings on life and my adventures with Lego bricks as an AFOL based in Singapore.

As of now, I have no specifics in mind to what I will be blogging… I start with sharing some very practical information on where to shop for Lego in Singapore in the next post and see what strikes my fancy after that.


Update: I’m an AFFOL, or Adult Female Fan of Lego (how do you even pronounce that??).  Just to be clear in case you are wondering why I blog about netbooks with butterfly designs or any other girly stuff in the future.  😉

Currently my collection comprises city (trains, construction, farm, fire, police, paradisa, trains), modulars, castle, spongebob, Indiana Jones, Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Prince of Persia, Batman, creator houses and a handful of power miners, atlantis and other sets that I bought for the minifigs.  Star Wars is shared with my boyfriend, who likes the UCS series.

I’m fast running out of space for my collection but can’t stop myself from buying.

I like printed tiles and hate stickers.

I would like to have more female minifigs to even out the unbalanced sex ratio in my collection and resort to occasionally perform sex change operations on my minifigs by swapping hair pieces.

Hmm, that’s all for now I guess. 🙂


According to Brickset on 13 Jun 2010:

  • I own 721 sets (492 different).
  • Brickset has piece counts for 397 of them. Using that data I own 207400 pieces.
  • Brickset has retail prices for 440 of them. Using that data my collection’s total retail value is US$21,565.
  • I last updated my minifig collection on 13 Jun 2010. Minifig data was last imported from BrickLink on 28 May 2010.  I own 1589 minifigs.


Update on 21 Feb 2011:

Decided that my blog will NOT be focused on new set news.  If it strikes my fancy, I’ll still blog about new sets of course, but new sets won’t be my primary focus nor will I be constantly updating my blog whenever there are toy fairs or events where loads of new sets are displayed.   Takes away the pressure to ‘be the 1st!’ and so enables me enjoy my blogging hobby as what it’s supposed to be, mostly to relax and de-stress, instead of an onerous obligation.


If you’ll like to contact me, my email address is:


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