LEGO-fy your computer

Here’s another product if you’ll like to be surrounded by studs…

Taiwan’s Coobeeo has released a LEGO-ish casing for PC called ‘HELLO-Q’.  As you can see from the pics you have some options to personalise it.

And with my limited chinese, here’s my best attempt at translating the item description from the Coobeeo site without resorting to Google Translate: 

品 名 型 號 /Product Name : HELLO-Q   顏 色 /Colour : 黑/粉紅/粉藍/白 (Black/Pink/Baby blue/White)
尺 寸 /Dimensions : 450mm (長 /length) x 200mm (寬 /width) x 410mm (高 /height)
內 部 構 造 / Internal Config: 二 大 二 小 (two big, two small) (?what does that mean?)
電 源 供 應 器 位 置 /location of power plug/supply (?) : 後 置 (behind)  
前 置 連 接 埠 /front attachments : USB x 2 AUDIO      
主 機 板 規格 : ATX M/B或 Micro ATX M/B


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Hasbro’s Transformers Fight For Construction Glory

News of Hasbro’s new Transformer series of construction toys seem to be making quite a splash.  I’d always thought it’ll be cool to have the Transformer toys in LEGO form… perhaps with Optimus Prime as a UCS set… sadly, it’s not to be since Hasbro has gotten the licence… the consolation?  It’s LEGO bricks compatible so perhaps the Transformers will be visiting my LEGO town after all. 😛

Here are some pics and a summary of what to expect from this line:

  • The new line called Kre-O that’s compatible with Lego blocks.
  • The line will launch with 12 Transformers sets including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.
  • Each Transformer set comes with two sets of instructions so the same bricks build the vehicle version of the Transformer as well as the robot version.
  • Prices range from $6.99 to $59.99.
  • Hasbro plans to expand Kre-Os to its other brands eventually.

What do you think?  Will you get some sets to play with?  I’ll probably get one at least to try out the quality and playability before deciding if I would get more… of course, if it was LEGO Transformers, then there wouldn’t be any hesitation… alas… 😦  Oh well, more official set pics and prices from Tformers if you are interested.  I actually think some of the sets look pretty good.

And how about the Dr Who range of LEGO compatible toys that I blogged about some time ago?  I found a review of the Dr Who playsets by Active Dad and thought some of you (from UK?)might be interested to know more… after seeing more of the sets, I’ve to admit I’m no longer interested.  LEGO still rocks for me. 😀

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New Character Building Toys

British toy distributor Character Group is releasing a new range of construction toys this year, to be exhibited at the coming UK Toy Fair (25-27 January).  This new ‘Character Building’ range of toys are based on licensed themes and will include BBC’s Dr Who and HM Armed Forces. 

I’ll be interested to know if the toys are LEGO compatible and of good quality as the selling point is that each licensed 3D micro-figure has sculpted facial features and ‘the use of texture on some of the building blocks, which will be a key feature when it comes to fans recreating each environment”.

While I’m not a Dr Who fan (have not watched the shows), perhaps Character Group may pair up with other brands that I like in the future?


Tokyo Toy Show: Lego, Nanoblocks & Clone bricks

Lego-Kei has some great pics of the Tokyo Toy Show (15 to 18 July 2010).  Some of the ones I find interesting are here, but more can be found on the site.

Oh, can’t wait for the Harry Potter sets to be released!

Harry Potter

Lego Booth


Clone bricks (WanGe Plastic Toys) <– I wonder how’s the quality?

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