Some MOCs I Like

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been really busy at work and that means less time on other stuff, blogging included.  I think with my weekend bout of posts I’ve kinda made up for some ‘lost time’, except for featuring MOCs.  Come to think about it, the french mani did help in other ways – since I couldn’t build I had a bit more time to blog over the weekend…

Anyway, quite a number of MOCs that caught my eye these few days.  Here they are:

1st up, a few by psiaki – really impressive village coming up… :

T-Rex & Jeep


Excellent photography of Preserve-O-Matic by powerpig. He built this for Gizmodo’s Food Week and it accompanied an article called 10 Teched-Out Techniques for Saving Food.

Vincent Kessels shares this very impressive layout at Legoworld 2010 by French Lego User Group (FreeLUG).

And last but not least for fans of Halo here is Scorpion Tank by Benny Brickster


I’ve seen some really nice Halloween themed MOCs but am too tired to add them today.  Will do a mass feature soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Good morning in Paris

The subway sign really reminds me of Paris… wish I am there!  The “metropolitan” sign is really what some of the Paris subway entrances have (the ones near Montmarte?).  I thought the tree was great too.

Thanks to 74louloute from Eurobricks who shared his MOC on the forum. More pics and discussions on Eurobricks .  🙂

Lego porn… or not

I did a double take when I saw these pics and thought they must be the best “Lego porn” ever made. 

Then my brain worked again and realised the sheer number of tan bricks needed is prohibitively expensive, and the bricks are just too big anyway.  So a bit of online sleuthing later, the truth is… these pictures are actually taken for a French magazine called Amusement by a photographer named Jean-Yves Lemoigne and pixelated for effect.  Someone must have slapped on the Lego logo and ‘for adult’ to create ‘Lego porn’ after realising the untapped potential… anyway, enjoy! 😉

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