More LEGO Friends videos

A few Friends videos. Pity about the Friends Advent calendar if it’s really been cancelled.

3185 Summer Riding Camp 


3184 Adventure Camper


“Andrea We can do it” music video


And the designer is kinda cute too…

LEGO Friends 2012 video for 3189 Heartlake Stables

Nice to get a closer look at one of the bigger Friends sets coming out soon:

LEGO wigs by Elroy Klee

If you have not seen the recent rush of hi-res new set pics, do so asap!  Some are great, some so-so, but it’s always fun to see the upcoming sets right?

I haven’t seen any of the major LEGO sites reporting these wigs tho, so here they are for your visual pleasure. No idea what the ad is about tho, does anyone know?

concept & art direction: elroy klee
photography: niki kits-polman & ebo fraterman
make-up: esther dijkman
assistant: augiaz pattipeilohy

Minimalist LEGO ads

Can you spot your favorite characters?  I like these ads that are a throwback to past campaigns.


Win a Star Wars: Episode I 3D mural

I am soooo jealous of U.S. fans… why? Cos they have the chance to win one of these brick-made murals of course.

Go to Starwarsblog to read more/for updates.

Southern California fans (Update: see below) have a chance to win one of the stunning Star Wars: Episode I 3D murals comprised completely of LEGO bricks spotted at select theaters across the country. ArcLight Hollywood has just posted a contest to their Facebook page asking fans who see The Phantom Menace 3D at the Hollywood venue to snap a photo of themselves in front of the mural with a caption explaining what makes them the biggest Star Wars fan!

The entry that receives the most votes by Wednesday, February 22 will take the LEGO mural home! Click here to enter.

There’s a good chance that more of these murals will become available in similar contests across the country, so stay tuned as we’ll update this entry with any new contests that are announced!

Go to the official ArcLight site for more info.

UPDATE: It appears that Harkins Theatres of Scottsdale, Arizona has launched their own mural giveaway contest, requiring only that you “Like” them on Facebook to enter! Check it out here!

2011 Sets: Male-to-Female Minifig Ratio

I thought the analysis of male-female figs by “J” in the 2011 sets was too good to ignore. (Thanks J!)  The discussion arose from the earlier post on LEGO’s intent to target girls…  So here is J’s comment in its entirety:

I did a count of male and female mini-figures by theme in the 2011 releases for which we have visual evidence. The modular house line always tends to be more balanced so there’s still potential there but the City theme is particularly bad this year. Here’s the results (aliens/creatures are excluded except where male-female differentiation exists:

Alien Abduction: 9 male, 1 female
Atlantis: 7 male, 1 female
Castle: 15 male, 1 female
City: 59 male, 5 female
Collectible Mini-Figures: 37 male, 10 female (omit 1 alien)
Creator: 2 male, 0 female
Dacta: 33 male, 19 female
Duplo: 16 male, 4 female
Harry Potter: 20 male, 3 female
Ninjago: 30 male, 3 female
Pharaoh’s Quest: 9 male, 1 female
Pirates of the Caribbean: 32 male, 4 female
Star Wars: 43 male, 7 female
Trains: 3 male, 0 female

TOTAL SYSTEM: 299 male, 55 female
TOTAL DUPLO: 16 male, 4 female
TOTAL: 315 male, 59 female

That’s greater than a 5:1 ratio and if you remove the Dacta and Collectible Mini-figure sets from the equation, you get a pathetic 8:1 ratio (245 male, 30 female). I’ll say it again. If Lego wants girls to take interest in their products, they should make a better effort to include figures through which girls can identify.

Obviously being an AFFOL, I would like TLG to pay more attention to the largely ignored segment of girls/ladies.

J’s analysis also brought to mind some articles discussing LEGO and girls in Eurobricks that I managed to find in case you would like to read some thoughts of other AFOLs:

And my fav thread of the lot, a painstakingly compiled list of female minifigs by Sandy:

And I leave you with a really old ad I came across some time back (rem I was thinking to do a series of features on LEGO ads that I never completed?).  Anyway…

Ad scanned by  Moose Greebles

Some Videos to Enjoy & a bit of News

A collection of designer video for the Maersk Train, LEGO City Space in-store ad, DK video of the world record breaking Star Wars mosiac event last Oct, and a LEGO Comic Builder Demo video.  Hope that’s something for everyone.  Scroll below to see the videos…

Akunthita (aka TheBrickBlogger) shares news of a new FaceBook-like site for LEGO fans. I had a look but since I’m not into FB, I’m not really into the whole concept.  But I can imagine it being popular with FB-ers. Check out Brick to decide yourself. 

Hmm… and Star Wars fans, you may be interested to get a sneak peek at the 2012 Star Wars packaging as reported on Darth Maul looks fierce!

LEGO Designer Video for Maersk Train 10219

LEGO 2011 City Space Ad  

LEGO Comic Builder Demo Video 

DK’s Building the Largest Mosiac in the World 


Sources: Maersk Train video via Eurobricks, LEGO City ad and Comic Builder Demo video from HKTOYSRUS Youtube channel, DK video indirectly via World Records Academy, and Star Wars 2012 box art news read 1st via Eurobricks.

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