LEGO City Hot Chase Mini Movie

Thanks to delta for sharing this video.

For City fans. 🙂 

Hey, I feel like a 5 yo too… 😀

Trailer for LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Game

While waiting for your pre-ordered POTC sets from BN, you can watch this short clip while you twiddle your thumbs…

(starts at 0.18 if you hate to wait)

What, you mean you haven’t pre-ordered?  Ok, here is the link.

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LEGO Click Short Films

The description on the youtube video says… “Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you’re a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this. Great ideas just CL!CK.


Hmm… that can’t be how TLG sees its AFOL fan base (as weird mustache guys), can it?  If so… is highly disturbing…  😯  😕

LEGO In-Store Adverts & Animations

Thanks to someone from Toysrus Hong Kong, we have these in-store video ads and animations.  So instead of standing around to catch all the adverts in the store, you can now do so in the comfort of your home.  I suggest you find a quiet place, get a drink and get comfy before starting on the videos…  😉

I’ve included all the new 2011 ads as well as some of the 2010 ads and animation that I particularly liked (do watch them, these are the best of the dozens of clips I went thru).  I’ve not seen most of them before… maybe just not spending enough time in the store?  Anyway loads more in the TRU HK Youtube channel if you are interested, just do a search/filter for ‘LEGO’ among the 333 videos. (Great job TRU HK!!) 

Warning: You may experience slow loading time after the jump.  Too many deeplinked vids I guess but since I don’t believe in multiple posts on the same topic just to increase my post count…

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How do you get kids hooked on Ninjago?

Apparently you use a “powerful integrated consumer marketing programme designed to capture the imagination of boys aged six-plus“.


In summary:

Advertising that comprises teaser campaign since Dec 2010, TV and movie advertising in Jan and Feb 2011, and a “bespoke sponsorship campaign with Swapit  to engage target boys and highlight the collectability of the brand“.

PR that includes: Working with Nitro magazine for a series of take-over issues, advertorials, posters, full page competitions and themed interactive puzzles and feature scenes. And a media relations campaign with upload to key social networking sites to enhance brand visibility across all age groups.

Brand Ambassador Programme that has TLG partnering with the United Kingdom Martial Arts Association to set the Spinjitzu Challenge in a search for Ninjago’s ‘Master Spinners’.  (The one ‘chosen’ one will win a trip to Lego HQ in Billund, Demark to meet the team behind Lego Ninjago).

Events that means roadshow programme from Easter 2011 in malls and family festivals/shows during school holidays with performance by Ninjago’s ‘Master Spinners’.

Online presence that means pesky ninjas on key kids and toy retailer sites. The latest site,, for fans to learn all about the mysterious, ancient martial art, plus answer quizzes and play games.

In-store has the usual in-store design plus there will be branded stickers and brochure giveaways made available.

Wanna find out more? Details from Toy News HERE.

Time for a Road Trip?

Update on 23 Dec 2010: RV Parts list in PDF and BrickStore format attached.

DOWNLOAD: LEGO Road Trip Parts List (thanks to walshklien!)

DOWNLOAD: LEGO Road Trip RV Instructions

Link to BrickStore info HERE

Update: Do read walshklien’s helpful tips/experiences on navigating the site and building the mini models in the comments section.


Nah… I don’t mean the real kind where you endure long butt-aching rides… LEGO has created a new site where you can go on a virtual road trip:

Each stop has 4 mini models instructions that you can download and build in real life. 🙂

Russia LEGO Ads

Unfortunately these are photoshopped and not brick-built, but they still do look interesting.  By Leo Burnett Moscow.

Bug boat

Taj Mahal spaceship


Agency: Leo Burnett Moscow
Art Directors: Arina Avdeeva, Rodrigo Linhares
Creative Director: Mikhail Kudashkin
Designer: Dmiry Jakovlev
Illustration: Ninjafilms
Photo: Ninjafilms

Source: Coloribus via Gizmodo

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