Kinky LEGO Minifigs

Remember those great tattooed LEGO minifigs used to advertised some fine-nibbed pens I blogged about a few months back? 

Wanted your own tattooed minifig but not sure you can draw like that?  Well, you can now order them from Citizen Brick.  Or how about the autopsy one for your CSI set-up?  Or the zippered leather mask, studded thong ‘shame’ one for… erm… hmm… 

Yeah, for the alternative life-stylers out there.  😛

Here are some that caught my attention:

Found out via Ugly Duckling, who had also shared that new customers can save 20% with the promo code ‘Citizen20’. Great huh? 🙂

2011 Oscar Best Picture Nominations: LEGO version

Came across the LEGO version of movie posters for the 2011 Oscars Best Picture nominees (or more formally known as the 83rd Academy Awards) that piqued my interest so I set about looking for the original movie posters to do a comparison. 

The verdict? Mostly fairly accurate, with one or two exceptions where I couldn’t find a movie poster version (since there are so many versions!) that matched the LEGO version. 

If you are interested, I think you can get the posters from Old Red Jalopy tho to be honest, I couldn’t find the posters on the website when I looked.

Enjoy! 😀

Black Swan

The Fighter


The Kids Are All Right

The King’s Speech

127 Hours

The Social Network

Toy Story 3

True Grit

Winter’s Bone

Source:  LEGO Posters by Old Red Jalopy Via The Next Movie 

“BUILD!” Brickfilm, Minifig Customiser, POTC & MF4

Via Wired I saw the brickfilm ‘Build!’ created by David Pagano and Matt Witham that I’ll like to share.

Also thought the Wired interview with minifig customiser Kris Buchan was quite interesting.  I can’t imagine hacking my minifigs, or even painting on them (ha, I’m traditional that way), but I do enjoy seeing unique minifig customisations.  Kris shared some useful customisation tips during the interview if you are interested.

I also found more pics of the POTC sets taken during the launch event, including the front of  The London Escape set that I was curious about.  Added to my earlier post about POTC sets here

One more thing… hi-res pics of Collectible Minifig Series 4 are all over the web thanks to Grogall, and here is a link to Brickset’s 8804 set list if you want to start adding them to your want list.  Wonder which minfig will be the Cheerleader/Spartan/Elf of series 4?

More brickfilms are available from Pagano’s YouTube channel.

Do You Have a Nice Business Card?

How would you like to have a business card that is a 1.5 inch minifig that resembles you, has your name printed in front and contact details behind?  Like this:

Yeah, me too. Talk about having a memorable intro… imagine carrying a container of minifigs instead of boring namecards when you go for meetings. LOL.

More in this funny article from WSJ – the ‘namecard’ belongs to the CEO of TLG btw -:

Famous People & Celebrities Made into Lego Minifigs

Been busy (and stressed) at work, so not been in the mood to blog lately.  But since my dear bf commented on my lack of posts…

… I pulled something up from my ‘reserve’ posts.  I keep some posts drafted with stuff that have been around for a while (before I started blogging) for emergency situations like now.  (Good contingency planning huh?) 😉

Do explore the flickr page link given for more interesting minifigs.



Ranging from historical persons like Joan of Arc, to Donald Trump, they have all been re-created into Lego minifigs by Jamie Spencer.  I just randomly selected 2 to showcase here, for many more do visit Jamie’s flickr page.

Custom Lego Kylie Minogue

I thought this was really nice, so I voted 10 stars. If you like it too, do pop by this site and cast your vote.

This is  for a contest of photos, designs, drawings, montage or any other creative artwork (ha! Lego included) inspired by the album artwork for ‘Aphrodite’.  A selection of the most creative and most popular images will be sent to Kylie for judging – with the winner receiving a framed copy of their artwork, personally signed by Kylie.

Btw, Matthew is the “Creative Director at a certain Construction Toy Company”…

Amazing DC Hero Minifigs

Fans of superheroes, don’t you just wish you had them in your Lego town? Imagine them flying and swoping down to rescue damsels in distress, investigate mysteries and… the possibilities are endless. 

More pics and close ups in levork‘s Flickr.

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