Mini modulars vs mini modulars

I just started building my 10230 Mini Modulars this evening (yep, Valentines Day present!) and suddenly recalled another non-official mini modulars that I featured some time back.

Before TLG introduced their version of the mini modulars this year, Lisqr already had his own version back in Jan 2011: (read more about Lisqr’s version HERE)

Versus the TLG version: (read more about TLG’s version HERE)

10230 Mini Modulars - front measure


Overall, I do think the official version has managed to cram more details from the original sets, but brownie points to Lisqr for including vehicles and roads into his creation.



Featuring John’s LEGOville

UPDATE: Anyone interested to have me visit and blog about their collection?  Castles, pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter all also can?  I’ll draw the line at Duplo & Ben 10, but otherwise, am quite happy to visit… I’ll even bring oranges until the 15th day of the CNY… offers anyone?? 😀


During the chinese new year, it’s customary to visit relatives and friends (i.e. 拜年 pronounced “bai nian”).  This year, I was very happy to take this opportunity to visit a good friend and AFOL’s house to 拜年 and to visit his LEGOville.  I asked for permission to blog about it so here it is… 😛

Btw, it’s my first attempt at outline cropping and it’s really hard!!  Is there some shortcut to do this? 😦 

Here are some other views/buildings in his LEGOville: 


Yep, the train runs thru it
Tram stop
I think that’s his City/Town Hall in the middle
Modular cinema
Monorail station
Train station
City Bank (with interiors complete with queuing customers)
Amusement park
Why is there a smurf taking a nap here?
Lighted hotel sign!
John’s house in LEGO form

And since I couldn’t take decent pics of his LEGOville lighted up in the day, I ‘borrowed’ a pic from his Facebook: 😛  It was taken earlier so tram station and tower bridge wasn’t up yet.

What do you think about John’s LEGOville?  His previous LEGOville had many more trains and monorails running within and around the layout, but this time there is some space constraint unfortunately.  Here is his previous layout (sorry about the poor video quality… that was with a lousy phone camera… thanks to legofan from s0937 forum for posting this):

Japanese 8×8 Town

Since I can’t read japanese, the best I can guess is that these were created (?) during the “FLC(Fujiyama Lego Camp 2010)”.  LEGO camp?  The Japanese AFOLs met for a camp?  Anyway I thought the little town is very cute.  You can see more in this Brickshelf folder.

Sourcelegoblog via  LEGO Kei

Some MOCs I Like

The Retaking of Outpost LJ-47 by ~Tac~ 

Count Squidula’s Mansion by monstrophonic

Katsumoto by ((Primus))

M4A3E8 Sherman Tank ‘Hunk of Iron’ by [PhiMa]

Tree by Aaron (-_-)

トリウマ by 62778grenouille

The arrival of Saint Nicholas by .eti 

Teahouse by lixia_1982

Nightfury by retinence

And finally, LEGO Chocolate by Little Cute One makes me feel hungry…

Lowlug Castle Layout

I’ve a thing for huge castle layouts… so obviously this is too nice for me to resist posting.  This is the Lowlug castle layout at LEGO fanwelt in Cologne.  Enjoy.

Posted by by Daniel Z “DNL” (the high tower is by him)

Lighted Christmas Display

Regular readers of this blog probably know that I’ve a bit of an obsession with lighted city displays.   Spacepilot3000 from EB shows us how to do one for Christmas with his display of 10199 Winter Toy Shop & 10216 Winter Village Bakery

Nice isn’t it?  A bit too early for Christmas?  But even Orchard Road is putting up the Christmas lights, not to mention all the trees in the shopping malls… anyway, the technical details (1mm SMD LEDs etc) can be found in this EB post (LINK) if you are interested to try some drilling and electrical work.

Some MOCs I Like

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been really busy at work and that means less time on other stuff, blogging included.  I think with my weekend bout of posts I’ve kinda made up for some ‘lost time’, except for featuring MOCs.  Come to think about it, the french mani did help in other ways – since I couldn’t build I had a bit more time to blog over the weekend…

Anyway, quite a number of MOCs that caught my eye these few days.  Here they are:

1st up, a few by psiaki – really impressive village coming up… :

T-Rex & Jeep


Excellent photography of Preserve-O-Matic by powerpig. He built this for Gizmodo’s Food Week and it accompanied an article called 10 Teched-Out Techniques for Saving Food.

Vincent Kessels shares this very impressive layout at Legoworld 2010 by French Lego User Group (FreeLUG).

And last but not least for fans of Halo here is Scorpion Tank by Benny Brickster


I’ve seen some really nice Halloween themed MOCs but am too tired to add them today.  Will do a mass feature soon so stay tuned! 🙂

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