Building an iMac & NetDevil trims LEGO Universe team

Building an iMac

My bf asked me recently again if I want a Macbook… so when I saw this LEGO iMac by Chris “Powerpig” McVeigh, of course I felt like blogging about it.

What do you think? If you like it, Chris has very kindly shared the Lego Digital Designer model on his site that apparently works out to be US$100 if you get all the parts from PAB. 

And the answer is ‘no’.  I did get my current toy not too long ago, and am still fairly happy with it.  Anyone already using a Macbook/Macbook Pro/Air?  Love it/hate it? Pros & cons?


NetDevil trims LEGO Universe team

The other piece of news that caught my eye is that NetDevil has retrenched most of the LEGO Universe team.  While I don’t play MMO/LEGO Universe, some of you long time readers may remember my previous post about the great NetDevil office (nice chairs and loads of LEGO everywhere)? 

Anyway I wonder what will happen to the LEGO Universe…

And from what was reported, it’s a horrid way to inform people that they have been laid off.  Hope at least that they got good packages.  😦 


EB’s ‘Best LEGO sailing ship’

I’ve to admit, not being a very nautical person, I can’t quite appreciate ships… don’t get me wrong, I do think they are nice to look at but I think I’m not very discerning when it comes to choosing one over another.   

Anyway, I don’t have to think too hard since EB has held a vote for ‘Best LEGO sailing ship’ in the category ‘minifig illusion scale’ that features the top ship creations all in one thread here.  Think this thread is a must read for any pirate fan cos it’s got so many great creations all in one thread…

And here is the winning creation by Captain Green Hair and Bonaparte:
The Spanish Imperial Galleon Nuestra Señora de la Concepción

Happy Valentines Day

Saw this pic of LEGO Love  by Larry Lars that made me feel like blogging about Valentines Day creations.  Unfortunately, couldn’t find other love themed creations that I like! 😦

Hope everyone had a nice day!  Happy Valentines Day!

Blast from the past… and a MOC

UPDATE: Did a bit more googling to find the buildings that were mentioned in the poster below (what can I say, I’m a curious gal)… Back then TLG displayed prototypes built by fans who were invited by TLG to join a workshop in Billund (lucky!). 

Here they are, in this order Firehouse, Hotel, Bank:

And there was also a prototype of the VW Beetle, and 3 other cars, a Mustang, an Aston Martin, and a DeLorean.  Of course, we now know that the VW Beetle was finally produced but not the other 3. 

Here’s what the VW prototype looks like, next to the final product, the 10187 Volkswagen Beetle.


Source: Pics from Lugnet via Brothers Brick


I wonder how many AFOLs got sucked into the hobby cos of the Modular series?  I can certainly be counted as one… anyway, I was just restlessly browsing the net (and wondering when the NY Toy Fair pics will start surfacing) and remembered a concept art drawing of the Cafe Corner I saw some time back before it all started… a bit more googling and:

Does anyone know where to get a clearer/hi-res image of that? 

Anyway I came across this nice wax museum MOC and wanted to feature it.

More on EB forum here or from shutinc’s Flickr account.  Really reminds me of Marcos Bessa’s .

Btw, while I haven’t been featuring MOCs recently, I haven’t stopped looking.  Since I became a Flickr member, I’ve been regularly adding favourites.  I’ve also added a link to my Flickr favourites on the right column and you can also click here: MOCs I Like on Flickr

CC art pic source:

Featuring John’s LEGOville

UPDATE: Anyone interested to have me visit and blog about their collection?  Castles, pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter all also can?  I’ll draw the line at Duplo & Ben 10, but otherwise, am quite happy to visit… I’ll even bring oranges until the 15th day of the CNY… offers anyone?? 😀


During the chinese new year, it’s customary to visit relatives and friends (i.e. 拜年 pronounced “bai nian”).  This year, I was very happy to take this opportunity to visit a good friend and AFOL’s house to 拜年 and to visit his LEGOville.  I asked for permission to blog about it so here it is… 😛

Btw, it’s my first attempt at outline cropping and it’s really hard!!  Is there some shortcut to do this? 😦 

Here are some other views/buildings in his LEGOville: 


Yep, the train runs thru it
Tram stop
I think that’s his City/Town Hall in the middle
Modular cinema
Monorail station
Train station
City Bank (with interiors complete with queuing customers)
Amusement park
Why is there a smurf taking a nap here?
Lighted hotel sign!
John’s house in LEGO form

And since I couldn’t take decent pics of his LEGOville lighted up in the day, I ‘borrowed’ a pic from his Facebook: 😛  It was taken earlier so tram station and tower bridge wasn’t up yet.

What do you think about John’s LEGOville?  His previous LEGOville had many more trains and monorails running within and around the layout, but this time there is some space constraint unfortunately.  Here is his previous layout (sorry about the poor video quality… that was with a lousy phone camera… thanks to legofan from s0937 forum for posting this):

A LEGO Valentines

It’s still a few more days to the once-a-year event that most men dread… yep, that’s Valentines Day…  To put a positive spin on it, it’s actually an opportunity for you to win your special someone over to LEGO.  How? By creating a special gift using LEGO that will endear those little bricks (and you) to her?  That’s the idea anyway… if it works let me know!  😛

So here are some MOCs for inspiration.  Roses for a start…

by Andrew Colunga

by monsterbrick – previously featured

There are more great looking roses on Flickr, but since pic download is disabled so no blogging… you can do a search on the LEGO pool tho. 

Or how about a small sculpture or vignette?

Heart Pedestal by legorevolution

LEGO version of Robert Indiana’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture by Bill Ward’s Brickpile

Is cute? by Karf Oohlu

Last but not least, you could do a mosiac… like this one by Lego Art by Bartosz Kurek

Not many days left to 14 February… are you all prepped?

EB’s Harry Potter Winter Break Contest

Think this blog has been too wordy recently, so more pics and less words for the next few days. 😛 

Luckily, there are loads of great MOCs I want to feature, starting with EB’s Harry Potter Winter Break Contest that has loads of great entries as you can see below.  And these are just the ones that I like (ha, very hard to decide where to give the 5 points).  If you’ll like to see more Harry Potter locations in brick form, do pop by EB.

UPDATE: I’m  not sure how I missed this amazing entry by Jalkow, but here is The Magical Tent:

Number 93 Diagon Alley by Clark

Bathilda Bagshot’s House by Clone O’Patra

Godric’s Hollow Church by Cutlass Iz

Dervish & Banges by Dix

Azkaban Mass Breakout by lisqr

Slug and Jiggers
 by Erynlasgalen

Hogs Head Inn by maydayartist

The Lovegood Home by mcfarlandman

The Three Broomsticks Inn by Mr.Brick

Flourish & Blotts by Oky Wan Kenobi

Muggle Entrance to the Ministry of Magic by yatkuu

Ministry of Magic by Sirius Black

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