Google’s link to LEGO goes way back…

… back all the way to the “first server, created by and when they were graduate students at Stanford’s School of Engineering in the 1990s“.

This server is now at the Huang Engineering Center, in the Stanford School of Engineering.  The picture below speaks for itself. 

The only quibble I have with the server is why Duplo??? 😛

You can read more about this server from

UPDATE: Oh my gosh, Akunthita confirmed those are not Duplo but some clone bricks! The Google founders! Oh my, speechless…

Featuring John’s LEGOville

UPDATE: Anyone interested to have me visit and blog about their collection?  Castles, pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter all also can?  I’ll draw the line at Duplo & Ben 10, but otherwise, am quite happy to visit… I’ll even bring oranges until the 15th day of the CNY… offers anyone?? 😀


During the chinese new year, it’s customary to visit relatives and friends (i.e. 拜年 pronounced “bai nian”).  This year, I was very happy to take this opportunity to visit a good friend and AFOL’s house to 拜年 and to visit his LEGOville.  I asked for permission to blog about it so here it is… 😛

Btw, it’s my first attempt at outline cropping and it’s really hard!!  Is there some shortcut to do this? 😦 

Here are some other views/buildings in his LEGOville: 


Yep, the train runs thru it
Tram stop
I think that’s his City/Town Hall in the middle
Modular cinema
Monorail station
Train station
City Bank (with interiors complete with queuing customers)
Amusement park
Why is there a smurf taking a nap here?
Lighted hotel sign!
John’s house in LEGO form

And since I couldn’t take decent pics of his LEGOville lighted up in the day, I ‘borrowed’ a pic from his Facebook: 😛  It was taken earlier so tram station and tower bridge wasn’t up yet.

What do you think about John’s LEGOville?  His previous LEGOville had many more trains and monorails running within and around the layout, but this time there is some space constraint unfortunately.  Here is his previous layout (sorry about the poor video quality… that was with a lousy phone camera… thanks to legofan from s0937 forum for posting this):

DIY LED Street Lights

I don’t think I trust myself with a drill to DIY street lights like what F0NIX from EB has done. But I think it looks great:

Erm, for the technically inclined…

But I have bought 200 lamp post 2x2x7 (part 2039) in white, trans clear minifig heads and 2×2 radar dish, to complete the construction.

Then I took a 2mm drill and made a hole from top to bottom. Bought a 3mm LED (this was a 3.2v 20mA 2000mcd Ultra Brigth White LED) and some thin wires. I cut a 9v LEGO electric wire with connectors in half and soldered a 470ohm resistor in series on one of the lead from the LED, the other straight on the other 9V leads. This is the final assembly:”

Umm… don’t understand… so pls don’t ask me any technical questions!  You can refer to his EB post and more pics in his brickshelf.

Free alternate plans for Prince of Persia sets

Was browsing Amazon and stumbled across free downloadable alternative plans for Prince of Persia sets 7572 & 7573.  Extract from

“You can create an entire scene from the world of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by combining pieces from the two LEGO sets below: “Quest Against Time” and “Battle of Alamut.” Get the building plans by clicking here now. (You must have Adobe Reader 9 or later to be able to view these plans.)”

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