Mystery on the Prometheus

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next vig by Bart De Dobbelaer to uncover the mystery on the Prometheus…  If you were ever a scifi fiction fan, go to his photostream to read the story and be hooked!  If not, just enjoy the well thought out details on his great vig anyways. 🙂

Giant hornet on dangerous planet

Lino M has a whole storyline to accompany his giant hornet… I had great fun reading it so do click on the link for more pics and the story. 🙂

Beware of Mrs Crandall’s Candy Cottage

If you are a naughty kid, Mrs Crandall will come over and eat you up!

Cute little candy cottage by Shannon Young, do click on picture for link to his MOCpage for more pictures and stories.  I like the roof and candy canes, but what I like best is a MOC with great stories to tell.  Enjoy!

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