iPhone apps for the AFOL

Getting an iPhone has made a noticeable difference to my lifestyle.  Being addicted to it aside, there are a number of useful apps for AFOLs that I would like to share here. 

  1. This is not an app in that sense. I love Safari browser for giving me the freedom to surf the internet on the go. I do visit online forums and check my blog (stats) more often too. Only problem is typing is very fiddly and sometimes I can’t even read what I’ve typed.
  2. WordPress app gives me the freedom to blog on the go, as you may have noticed. It’s much easier to snap a few quick (well, and often blurry) photos for a quick post.  Much easier to check for new comments too.
  3. Apart from Mobile Brickset, there is now a iBrickset app. The problem is, the iBrickset app doesn’t seem to be able to show more than 200 sets owned at any time (I have over 800).  But I do find it really useful to be able to check from Brickset online using Safari if I already have a certain set when I go shopping.
  4. Proboards, which is where my local Lego forum is hosted on supposedly has an app. Unfortunately that is not available in Singapore currently.
  5. Lego Photo allows you to make quick mosiacs of photos. Free too.
  6. PhotoFunia is a fairly fun photo software that has one effect called (what else?) – Lego. It shows a guy doing a Lego mosiac and the effect is really quite real looking.
  7. BrickJournal has an app but so far nothing interesting.

So of the above, I would recommend Lego Photo and WordPress app (if you blog). The rest aren’t there yet… and basically can just use Safari browser. Many websites (e.g. Eurobricks) also have a mobile browser functionality.  

Do you have more apps to share? If yes, pls share by leaving a comment!

Eurobricks Yearly LEGO Calendar

If you are an AFOL who travels, the new EB Yearly LEGO Calender is great for planning trips (or saving up for them!). 

Go ahead, check it out. Think they are missing the Asia events though (not that there is a whole lot of them).

Creating a ‘mini-me’ minifig

Legomama from Eurobricks forum shared an avatar making program available here: Link

Would have been better with more hair choices (well, not many styles for AFFOLs) but it’s really easy to use.  I played with it for a few minutes and got this:

What do you think? Try it and have some fun. 🙂

AFOL glossary on Eurobricks

Came across the Eurobricks (EB) glossary here

As a newbie AFOL, I remember being constantly confused when I read acronyms like ‘SNOT’ or ‘BURP’.   Here are some of the more common ones which I think would be helpful.  🙂

Bley: Bluish Grey
Colour terminology refering to the new grey introduced by Lego. Like “old” grey it exists in light and dark

BURP: Big Ugly Rock Piece
Those large strange shapped pieces including piece 6082 and piece 6083

groupings of mechanical-looking detail elements on MOCs
EX: http://news.lugnet.com/space/design

MOC: My Own Creation

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

PAB: Pick A Brick
A pick a bick consists of a wall of boxes full of various bricks in which you can choose whatever piece you want.

S@H (or SAH): Shop At Home
Lego’s online store.

SNOT: Studs Not On Top
A building technique where studs are, surprisingly, not always on top. This can be achieved with pieces designed for the purpose and have studs and/or anti-studs) on two or more faces, or by using pieces in a creative way. For example, most of the hinge pieces are good for SNOTting.

TLC: The Lego Company

TLG: The Lego Group

UCS: Ultimate Collector’s Series

Vig: Vignette
A small scene recreated on a small plate (usually 8X8)

Barcodes for 8683 Collectible Minifigs

Update: Barcodes are available for download on Brickset to help you check the minifigs for Series 1:

Or, use your Android phone to scan the barcodes at Mobile Brickset.

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