Duplo 10531 Mickey Mouse & Friends set in Singapore

One favourite theme in my collection is the Mickey Mouse series (from 2000, that’s 12 years ago!).  So no surprise that the sight of these Duplo sets actually stopped me in my tracks and made me consider for an insane second to buy bucket… Ok, so not such a normal reaction for most people but hey I really really like the Mickey Mouse sets.

Hope that this is a precursor to normal system sized sets. Ditto for the Princess series. Fingers crossed that TLG and Walt Disney Co will continue to have a great partnership!  🙂


My new Ninjago money bank

Finally got one. Popped by the Toysrus near my office and got a ‘ninja’ for home. Side-by-side with my megafig for scale comparison:

If you are curious, the legs are fixed and can’t be moved to ‘sitting position, and the hood cannot be removed.  The coin slot is near the top just at the back of the ‘head’, and the cover (to retrieve coins) is at the bottom of one of the legs.  Here’s the selection at the TRU that I visited:


Some stationery spotted in Hong Kong

Think these are new but I can’t be sure since I am honestly slightly out of touch (only slightly cos I do know about all the major new sets…).

Anyways, in case you are going to Hong Kong, you can look out for them in Toysrus (TRU).  Since I didn’t have the chance to check out any other stores, not sure if the little hobby stores would carry stationery too.

LEGO Minifigure Head Sharpener – SKN# 933562 / HKD24.90

Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959618 / HKD79.90

Ninjago Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959626 / HKD79.90

Drink Bottle – SKN# 959685  / HKD79.90

Ninjago Drink Bottle – SKN# 959693  / HKD79.90

Ok, a few others that I am lazy to add cos I don’t find them very interesting… colour pencils, activity books and the like. You may want to pop by the HK TRU site to see more: LINK

Is this a new series of “megafig” money banks?

As soon as I saw the pic in the local Toysrus (TRU) catalog when I visited Hong Kong, I wanted one.  Unfortunately the stock had not arrived when I left Hong Kong. TRU calls it the “LEGO Ninjago Collectible Money Bank”.  Measures 34 cm according to an eBay listing.  Will be great for displays or as presents for little (or bigger) boys. I can only hope that we’ll get it in Singapore soon, and have more designs to pick from… Imagine a clone trooper version. The SW fans will go crazy…

SKN# 933503

Price (each) : HK$299.90 (approx SGD50)


More LEGO Friends videos

A few Friends videos. Pity about the Friends Advent calendar if it’s really been cancelled.

3185 Summer Riding Camp 


3184 Adventure Camper


“Andrea We can do it” music video


And the designer is kinda cute too…

LOTR sets deal on BN, & coupon code

Hey, if you are going to order the LOTR sets on Barnes & Noble (now at 10% off), you should also use this Barnes and Noble Coupon Code T4T8J4A to get 15% off one item. It automatically applies to the highest cost set, so that’s almost another $17 off the 9474 Battle of Helm’s Deep (reg.$129.99, discounted $116.95 and with coupon at $99.41).  The other 2 sets aren’t too bad too – 9472 Attack on Weathertop at $44.95 (reg.$59.99) and 9473 Mines of Moria for $71.95 (reg.$79.99).

BN Shipping Charges

  • United States: FREE Shipping on orders above $25
  • Canada: First Item $6.48, Additional Items $2.49 each
  • International: First Item $12.98, Additional Items $5.49 each

Credits to Toys N Bricks for news about the LOTR sets, Brickset for the box pics and me for Googling the coupon code from HERE. 🙂

So that’s my little workaround to being peeved about delays in getting new sets.

LEGO Friends 2012 video for 3189 Heartlake Stables

Nice to get a closer look at one of the bigger Friends sets coming out soon:

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