Lego Architecture Sets on Sale

I couldn’t resist when I read the news from Toys N Bricks (link on right) about the sale on… so I went ahead and bought all 6 sets of Lego Architecture, with free super saver shipping to my Borderlinx account in the US. 

Prices as follows:

  • 21000 Sears Tower US$17.10 (vs $19.99 in
  • 21001 John Hancock Center US$16.74 (vs $19.99)
  • 21002 Empire State Building US$19.01 (vs $19.99)
  • 21003 Seattle Space Needle US$18.45 (vs $19.99)
  • 21004 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum US$33.21 (vs $39.99)
  • 21005 Fallingwater US$69.95 (vs $99.99)

Ok, so the prices are not so great for the smaller sets but then they were selling Guggenheim Museum at S$129.90, and the Fallingwater at S$279.90.   So even at 15% discount, I figured it’ll still be cheaper to ship the whole lot over than to buy locally in Singapore.

Fingers crossed on the final shipping price!

As usual, pic links to Brickset for reference.

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