Gallery of Hi-Res 2011 Set Pictures

Below are a few examples from each theme.  If you thought the Toy Fair 2011 pics look good, then of course these hi-res official photos look wayyyy better.

There is also a hint of more pics to come with this statement from Gizmodo: “There are a couple more secret models, but we will show those to you at a later date“. 

Hmm… I hope they don’t mean the Cars 2 range or the Spongebob sets that were not included in gallery…

You can get the full range of 2011 hi-res pics from Gizmodo’s write-up here.   Anyway for your convenience these link directly to the respective galleries:

Toy Fair 2011 Updates by FBTB

Quick one:  Ryan & Ace from FBTB have done a marvellous job at the Toy Fair with the best quality pics for the LEGO exhibits that I’ve seen so far, including close-ups of minifigs, set play features, close-ups of sets/interiors. 

Do visit FBTB’s Flickr photostream to see the pics.

And Happy Valentines Day everyone. 🙂

2011 Summer Set Pics from German Toy Fair

UPDATED: Toysnbricks feature the 2011 LEGO Kingdoms, Aliens Conquest, Ninjago and Collectible Minifig Series 5 set pictures without confidential markings from Spieletest, thanks to kevin1990. I’ll update more details and pics later when I’m home but the pics look so good I just have to share immediately.

Many more pics and videos are available, but I won’t steal the thunder by putting them all here.  Just click on this link to Spieletest to see all of them k?  Just to list, they have Star Wars, Ninjago, Aliens Conquest, Heroica (board games), Pharaoh’s Quest, Kingdoms, Atlantis, Collectible Minifig Series 5 & Atlantis pics and/or videos!


Close-ups of Minifig series 5 and Aliens Conquest start at 1:37 into this clip:

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LEGO In-Store Adverts & Animations

Thanks to someone from Toysrus Hong Kong, we have these in-store video ads and animations.  So instead of standing around to catch all the adverts in the store, you can now do so in the comfort of your home.  I suggest you find a quiet place, get a drink and get comfy before starting on the videos…  😉

I’ve included all the new 2011 ads as well as some of the 2010 ads and animation that I particularly liked (do watch them, these are the best of the dozens of clips I went thru).  I’ve not seen most of them before… maybe just not spending enough time in the store?  Anyway loads more in the TRU HK Youtube channel if you are interested, just do a search/filter for ‘LEGO’ among the 333 videos. (Great job TRU HK!!) 

Warning: You may experience slow loading time after the jump.  Too many deeplinked vids I guess but since I don’t believe in multiple posts on the same topic just to increase my post count…

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Temple of Atlantis Review

This review came out some time ago, but just forgot to blog.  Anyway I’m guessing this is the most anticipated Atlantis set cos the column pieces look awesome.  Plus the monsters are cute too.

7985 Temple of Atlantis review by Etzel from EB.

2011 Set Pics & Minifig Series 4 News

I know the 2011 set pics (Star Wars, Ninjago, Pharoah’s Quest, Atlantis, City, Technic, Creator, etc) are out on EB & ToysnBrick, mainly from this Dutch site: and this German site:

So rather than spending time re-posting, pls do go to the various sites that have already posted/re-posted the pics to get your fill of the 2011 sets k?  Anyway you would already have seen the sets if you saw the leaked catalogues posted a while back.



TnB’s pics by themes:  Atlantis – CityCreatorNinjaGoPharaoh’s QuestRacersTechnic

EB’s pics by theme: Star WarsCreatorCityTechnicPharaoh’s QuestAtlantisNinja Go!

At Brickset:


I’m more interested in the news of Minifig Series 4 shared by legokuate from EB who translated them from Dutch to English.  (EB Link)

  • Monster
  • Surfer Girl
  • Sailor
  • Kimono Girl
  • Punk
  • Viking
  • Speed Skater
  • Hockey Player
  • Skateboarder
  • Man with Safety Suit
  • Musketeer
  • Werewolf
  • Artist
  • Mad Professor
  • Soccer Player
  • Garden Gnome

Hard to assess without pics but based on description I would say Kimono Girl, Punk, Musketeer, Artist, Werewolf & Garden Gnome sounds good to me – either from the minifigs or the anticipated accessories.

So what do you think will be the ‘Spartan’ of this series?

Where Else Can You Find 2011 Set Pics?

For the benefit of readers who missed the earlier postings, while I’m not posting the 2011 set pictures, you can still find the Pharoah’s Quest, Ninjago, City, Atlantis & Collectible Minifig Series 3 here:

I’m sure there are others, but like I said, while it lasts…

(and no, it’s not my Flickr account)

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