Some MOCs I Like

NOTE: Added picture of ‘The LEGO Ideas Book’ out Aug’2011 thanks to killyrbf.  The cover looks fantastic. It’s a must get for me! (Love DK books) 😀


Snowy Visage by Siercon and Coral

Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship by jason corlett

B2 – KriegsLäufer by Fredoichi

Life-size Electric Guitar by tkh

St. Philip’s Chapel by LegoLord.

Hogwarts Castle (with Hogsmeade Station) by  Mr Offset 

Un-named Creation by zgrredek

Red Dojo by  ACPin – “In the early spring as the flowers bloom, the preparation for battle looms across the red dojo. Last minute rites are administered by the sensei amongst the most skilled pupils before they go to battle.”

Piano by  marshal banana

Conflict at Noordoostpolder Lock by  Johŋ

Some MOCs I Like

I’m not sure how it happened, but I now have a huge backlog of MOCs to feature (think it’s due to a huge influx of creations from AFOLs on year-end breaks)…  So many that I can even put them into 3 main classifications – contemporary, historic and mecha/war.  There are a few creations that defy classification tho, and so I decided to clear the backlog by featuring these 1st.


I’ve featured several creations by andybear@hk before, but I think this one tops the others in terms of its massive scale.  Zenko-ji Temple (original is in Nagayo, Japan) is 192×128 studs and will be displayed in Bricks Adventure 2011 (12 to 21 Jan, 2011) in Hong Kong.  You can see more details of Andy’s creation in this EB post.

Btw Bricks Adventure is presented by the War & Adventure Games Society of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and jointly organized by Legend Bricks.  If you are in Hong Kong during this period, why not go and have a look?  For more details, you can visit Bricks Adventure 2011 official website, Flickr Page or Facebook Page.




Ravel by Nannan Z. is a picture puzzle.  Nannan’s creations tend to have a unique style and this one is really a puzzler (I can’t find a better word, umm, brain not working)… you’ll have to examine the creation in detail if you want to get out of the puzzle.  Clues below the pic.

You are a postman who one day wakes up in a mysterious place. What is going on, is it a dream? You come across a signpost in the road. It reads:

Welcome friend to a place called Ravel,
Should you wish to leave; there’s no need to travel.
Open your mind and believe what you see,
Follow my words carefully and you will be free.

Beware the creature chained to the guillotine,
A close encounter, and death he will bring.
He bears your semblance like a deranged twin,
To get past you must slay him from within.

The weapon you seek is neither sword nor spear,
It is rather small and shaped like a sphere.
But judge not this toxic fruit by its size,
The bones of the Great Beast tell no lies.

Finding the exit is your next task,
There’s no gate or portal, so don’t even ask.
Look to the stars and you will find your way,
They light your path as clear as day.

Point the Northern Star southeast,
To the south you will shine the Star of the Northeast
Point the Eastern Star southwest
And the Southwest Star east. (You’re almost done with your quest!)

The obsidian block marks the compass center,
And where the light beams cross, there you will enter.
Pick up the tools once guarded by the creature,
Now dig dig dig your way to departure!

Some MOCs I Like

Lakehouse Kidnap by  2 Much Caffeine

Asuka by tkh

Modularcomp by  bermudafreze

Athens, 6th century BC by 74louloute

The Little Match Girl by Scrat_

Failvent Calendar #11: The Bouquet by nolnet

Taz by Mrs Monster

Andy’s Room by Pepa Quin

Episode 6 by goelkim (that’s 1061 minifigs)

Some MOCs I Like

Some mostly cheery MOCs, and a military one. 😉

Mini Castle by bartosza6m


Merstudes 6×6 Heavy-Duty Tipper by Cuahchic


Pumpkin Carving by kennymatic


Stitch by Sir Nadroj


Calvin & Hobbes by New from Dave & John’s briXwerX!


Crimson Permanent Assurance  by gotoAndLego


M3 Half-Track T19 105 mm HMC ‘Fighting Iron’ by [PhiMa]

LEGO Rube Goldberg Machine

Wikipedia defines a Rube Goldberg Machine as “a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. The expression is named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg.”

Here is the LEGO version by talapz, the creator of the amazing LEGO Pop-up Kinkaku-ji (which ranks as one of my favourite LEGO videos of all time). 

Amazing how many takes it took to capture this short rube goldberg video… 187 (!!!)

LEGO Rube Goldberg Machine レゴのピタゴラ装置

Ok, I can’t resist posting this video as well…

LEGO Pop-up Kinkaku-ji レゴで飛び出る金閣寺(鹿苑寺)

Once again, Japanese AFOLs rock… I know, the vids have been out for a while but they are still amazing even with a second viewing. 😛

Some Sunshine to Chase Away Monday Blues

As promised, a few summer-y MOCs to help chase away the Monday Blues…

Skier by JETfri

I’m not quite sure why skier is trying surfing, but the wave looks good. In fact, I kinda wish he would re-create the Charlie’s Angels scene in the movie where Cameron Diaz was surfing.

Lego Mini Train by akunthita

Nice huh? I have the same creator set too, but I wouldn’t have thought to build carts for it, or even special rails for it to run on. 

Chariot Festival (Ratha Yatra) Lego Style by akunthita

While checking out akunthita’s Flickr, I saw this and thought it looks amazing.

Baywatch by stoomgek

Ok, this is my last attempt to chase away Monday blues. If this doesn’t work, pls go play with some bricks (or Pamela Andersons) of your own.  😛

More finalists of the Hong Kong LEGO Building competition

As an asian AFOL, I like to see asian inspired Lego creations and the Hong Kong LEGO Building competition has a couple of nice ones I’ve been meaning to feature for a while. 

Apart from Apliu Street I blogged a few days earlier, the entries for all 12 finalists  can be viewed in the official competition site and are also compiled here in the HK forum.

Enjoy! 🙂


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