Pics of 4429 Hospital & 4207 ‘Car Park/Garage’?

Read about a possible new set from Brickset, and went about looking for more pics from LEGO World 2012.  So apart from the 4207 ‘Car Park/Garage’, I think this might be the 4429 Hospital.  Unfortunately I absolutely can’t recall if I saw the new hospital set picture in the catalogue, but it does fit the description in Brickepedia.

There is also a cute little newspaper stand that I wish would be an impulse set… don’t you just love the printed tiles?

What do you think?

Pics are from Eiker86’s Flickr album for LEGO World 2012Do pop by and browse if you wanna see more pics of these and other nice creations.

Hi-res pics of 2012 sets

Ok, admittedly I’ve been lazy. I actually saw them yesterday.  But since they are all over the web by now I’ve a feeling most people have seen them?  Some thoughts on the sets (and links to sources):

  • Collectible Minifig series 7 looks good! Even tho I’m kinda over the novelty, I’ll still get at least a set for collection.
  • Batcave looks… colourful. I prefer the darker looking 1st batcave. Plus I hate stickers.
  • Ninjago sets are still too targetted to boys for me. I may get a few sets selectively, but no more than that.
  • Star Wars is a mixed bag.  Looking forward to getting a Jabba for sure.
  • Dino I will skip. Not sure how dinos will fit with my generally city themed sets and I didn’t miss the 1st incarnation anyway.
  • City sets are kinda bleh. Great for saving some $ in 2012 unless H2 gives us some new themes (hospital?). If not I’ll skip the City sets and save my money for…
  • Spongebob. I know… but the sets look good. Such a cute little pirate ship.
  • And Friends! I know… I’m wimpy and a sucker for the accessories.
  • I might skip Cars… tho they continue to look enticingly cute.  There are just too many sets and I’m not sure if I wanna start another series.
  • Am not a Technic person but the 2012 sets seem to be getting some good vibes.

Do click on the links above for the pics. I’ll just share the MF7 cos that thrilled me the most from all the pics I saw. Think cos I saw the earlier leaked catalogue so most of the other hi-res pics were not a surprise. 😛

Gallery of Hi-Res 2011 Set Pictures

Below are a few examples from each theme.  If you thought the Toy Fair 2011 pics look good, then of course these hi-res official photos look wayyyy better.

There is also a hint of more pics to come with this statement from Gizmodo: “There are a couple more secret models, but we will show those to you at a later date“. 

Hmm… I hope they don’t mean the Cars 2 range or the Spongebob sets that were not included in gallery…

You can get the full range of 2011 hi-res pics from Gizmodo’s write-up here.   Anyway for your convenience these link directly to the respective galleries:

LEGO City Hot Chase Mini Movie

Thanks to delta for sharing this video.

For City fans. 🙂 

Hey, I feel like a 5 yo too… 😀

Some MOCs I Like

Awful lot of backlog from the past 2 weeks… so no time to sort by theme, I’ll just post them out whenever I’ve prepped up a batch.

(WIP) The Great Gate of Minas Tirith by Pate-keetongu 

The Fort as Isla D’Or by 2 Much Caffeine

“Feed ’em to the Sarlacc Fish!” is another nice creation by 2 Much Caffeine

Un-named Ship by EB Perfectionist

LEGO Restaurant Modular Building by BrickCityDepot

Beetles by Dr Mobius & Lino M 

(WIP) Lima Superpower by SavaTheAggie

1:13 Peterbilt 359 towing truck with old-style Holmes 750 machinery by Maciej D.  See the set description for more details

Etude in Water and Go West Young Fig by tsimon08 there’s something incomplete about both creations, but I do like some of the flora n landscaping techniques employed and so I decided to feature them after some consideration. 

Riverside Fire Chief Pinewood Derby Edition 2 by V&A Steamworks

Better 2011 City Set Pics

Remember the new City sets you saw a couple of posts back?  Yeah, the 3648-Police Chase and 3661-Bank & Money Transfer. 

Anyway these new pics from the Lego City website were found by The Red Brick from EB and I have to say the bank does look alot better.  Still not liking the stickers tho.

A look thru history: Lego medical services

Having finally purchased a hospital (2 actually) fairly recently when Lego Singapore brought in the value packs, my interest in minifig health care is further stirred by a revised MOC.  Before showing the MOC, let’s take a look thru history at hospital sets released by TLG over the years…

Using my trusty Book Museum and Brickset as reference, the 1st healthcare set was released in 1975…

Set 363, Hospital (re-released as set 555 in 1976 in the USA. Still no proper minifigs at that time!):

5 years later in 1980, a new medical service set was finally released.

Set 6364, Paramedic Unit (finally with minifigs, but more of a clinic than a hospital)

It then took another 7 long years before the next medical building set was released in 1987…

Set 6380, Emergency Treatment Centre (and in my opinion the best looking set hospital set released to-date)

Amazing enough, the next set took a long 19 years to release in 2006 (!).

Set 7892, Hospital (and after taking so long, is not the best designed hospital… hospital on a hill?)

Ok, so you may argue that one more set was actually released before 2006… but being a Dacta set it’s really not available to the general public.  But anyway for completeness, in 1993, this was released…

Set 9364, Hospital (more of an interior set, but really does look like a hospital ward I think… and really not a bad set to have)

So there you go, a look thru memory lane… 

Which brings us back to the MOC I’d mentioned earlier.  It’s by none other than the great lgorlando, who has revised his modular hospital (complete with interiors!).  He has recently shared his revision on Eurobricks.

Update: Oops, it was his previous version that came complete with interiors. Tho I’m sure interiors will come soon for this version too.

Makes you wish TLG would release a great hospital set huh, and in modular series?  I do anyway…

Btw, I think he sold copies of his hospital MOC (previous version) for like US$800 on ebay.

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