Free Download of Marcos Bessa’s Models

Update: I don’t know why, but I can’t link the pics to the websites.  So to be clear, you have to go to his blog to download the files (LINK HERE) and to Flickr to see the rest of his portfolio (LINK HERE)


Remember Marcos Bessa? (Yep, he has become a LEGO Designer – read HERE).  The good news is that he has kindly put up his LDD files on his blog so you can now download for free his digital creations here from his blog.

I also just notice that Marcos shared his portfolio created in July 2010 for the LEGO Designer position.  Here’s a sample:

Nice huh? More in Marcos Bessa’s Flickr.

Lego Dollhouse Interiors

I saw the wonderful interiors by Brixe63 last month, but the sheer number of pictures daunted me from blogging about it… ya… *cough*.  Anyway saw Heather LEGOgirl‘s awesome dollhouse yesterday and thought this was a good opprtunity to make up for not blogging earlier.

If you ever need references for dollhouse interiors (or a model of your house), I think between these 2 ladies they pretty much got every room covered (including a Lego room!). 

The pics I have here only represent a fraction of the rooms done up (94 pics by Brix63 & 21 by Heather LEGOgirl), so do pop by their Flickr accounts for more.

Lego Haus by Brixe63

Lee Jones Memorial Dollhouse by Heather LEGOgirl

Turmoil in the museum

I love the details on the flooring and the idea that all those egyptian themed sets can integrate with with regular city life. 

 By shutter010

Lego City MOC and techniques

Came across a couple of MOC in the past 2 days that taught me new stuff I think I could apply in my own Lego town.

First, a hotel room interior by NewRight that at first glance I thought was a real room. Hey, it was a thumbnail view on Flickr k? 😛

Next, I like the pipes in this vignette of waste collector by Ezechielle from EB (link here).

I also like the idea of using the T-junction road plates for other purposes as Bachus, also from EB, has shared (link here). He even did a step-by-step to show how it’s done, so nice!

[Side complaint: I really can’t stand how TLG insists on packing straight plates with others – evil ploy to make us buy more??].

Interiors: bedrooms and toilets

I’ve a weakness for nice looking interiors.  Not sure if it’s cos official sets are so sparsely furnished.  Littlehaulic has some interesting touches like the shag carpet in the toilet.  Enjoy!

Lego city interiors and furniture

Being more of a city collector (well, amongst other collections…), I love to see great (cute!) furnitures and here are a few more MOCs I’ll like to share with you.  🙂

First up, a garage and toilet by Heather LEGOgirl that intros a few cool ideas:

Next, d-higdon has some really nice bedroom sets.  She also has many more lego interior MOCs that are worth checking out on her Flickr page.  😉

Japanese Red Idea Book

I brought the Japanese Red Idea book to a local Lego club meet-up and quite a few members were thrilled with the pictures/MOCs in the book. 

As promised, here are some of the favourite pages from the book.  Enjoy! 🙂 (apologies for the lousy photo taking tho!)

Details of the book and link to Amazon Japan can be found here: List of Lego books I like

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