Singapore Only: Update on March & April Arrivals

Hey, thanks to Alvin n Rekseah¬†for the heads up. ūüôā

March Arrivals

So the sets have already arrived or are arriving in Singapore stores this week depending on the usual delivery schedule, so you can head over to your favourite stores this week for some retail therapy.¬† Here’s the full list of March arrivals taken off ToyStation’s email:


  • 3365 Space Moon Buggy
  • 3366 Satellite Launch Pad
  • 3367 Space Shuttle
  • 3368 Space Center

LEGO Games

  • 3852 Sunblock
  • 3853 Banana Balance
  • 3854 Frog Rush
  • 3855 Ramses Return
  • 3856 LEGO Ninjago


  • 5945 Winnie The Pooh‚Äôs Picnic
  • 5946 Tigger‚Äôs Expedition
  • 5947 Winnie The Pooh‚Äôs House

LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest

  • 7305 Scarab Attack
  • 7306 Golden Staff Guardians
  • 7307 Flying Mummy Attack
  • 7325 Cursed Cobra Statue
  • 7326 Rise Of The Sphinx
  • 7327 Scorpion Pyramid

LEGO Technic

  • 8070 Supercar

Quick computation n the LEGO Games pricing is fairly reasonable after 20% discount off local price.¬† SunBlock n Banana Balance is a little pricier, but not worth the trouble of shipping in¬†& risking damaged boxes.¬† Supercar is still a shocking S$36 more even after 20% discount locally tho…

So far I’ve heard that¬†the sets are already¬†at BricksWorld, ToyStation & Metro (dunno which branch tho).¬†

And BricksWorld’s member specials for March/April are:

  • 3368 Space Center @ $103.90 (20%)
  • 5947 Winnie The Pooh‚Äôs House @ $55.90 (20%)
  • 8099 Midi Scaled Imperial Star Destroyer @ $77.31 (10%)
  • 8864 Desert of Destruction @ $187.11 (10%)

Don’t understand the last 2 since members get 10% off anyway, so what’s so special about the pricing??

Ok, and on to….

April Arrivals

Some good news and some bad news here.

The good? 10217 Diagon Alley and 8804 Collectible¬†Minifig Series 4 are arriving in April! Yay!¬† And no price increase in Series 4 figs, so it’s S$3.90 each or $234 for a box of 60.

The bad? The price for DA is shockingly disgustingly bad. So bad that I feel like boycotting getting any sets locally. It’s S$319.90 vs US$149.90.¬† Before discount, the diff is like S$125!! S$125???! It’s like… WTF… (hey, I assume you are all adult readers and I’ve had a pretty crappy day at work… if you are offended, pls stop reading)

Even after a 20% discount, the price is still a weltering S$255.92, or S$61 more… considering that I need like 2 more… may even work out cheaper shipping in from the USA.

Singapore Only: March Arrivals

Thanks to UltramanBC from the S0937 forum, we have the prices for the March arrivals (dunno when is the exact arrival tho).

Hmm… you can see the comparison and judge yourself… makes me glad I’d already ordered from BN at 10%/30% off US prices for some of the larger sets.¬†¬†I’ve a feeling this makes for a very expensive month for the army builders.¬†ūüėȬ†

Some Videos to Enjoy & a bit of News

A collection of¬†designer video for the Maersk Train, LEGO City Space in-store ad, DK video of the world record breaking¬†Star Wars mosiac event last Oct, and a LEGO Comic Builder Demo video.¬† Hope that’s something for everyone.¬† Scroll below to see the videos…

Akunthita (aka TheBrickBlogger)¬†shares news of a new FaceBook-like¬†site for LEGO fans. I had a look but since I’m not into FB, I’m not really into the whole concept.¬† But I can imagine it being popular with FB-ers.¬†Check out Brick to decide yourself.¬†

Hmm… and Star Wars fans, you may be interested to get a sneak peek at the 2012 Star Wars packaging as reported on Darth Maul looks fierce!

LEGO Designer Video for Maersk Train 10219

LEGO 2011 City Space Ad  

LEGO Comic Builder Demo Video 

DK’s Building the Largest Mosiac¬†in the¬†World¬†


Sources: Maersk Train video via Eurobricks, LEGO City ad and Comic Builder Demo video from HKTOYSRUS Youtube channel, DK video indirectly via World Records Academy, and Star Wars 2012 box art news read 1st via Eurobricks.

LEGO Themes that you like best?

UPDATE: Oh and almost forgot… City fans may be¬†interested in the new train set reported over at EB: New train revealed, set 3677¬†– It’s a new cargo train.¬† Am not too psyched about it what¬†with so many other sets and themes to get this year.


I was looking at the number of clicks today and wondered if the clicks are reflective of the themes that you readers are¬†interested¬†in? If yes, then I guess City fans reign… tho I suppose there is also¬†less interest in POTC sets since the hi-res pics were out some time back… hard to tell.

  1. City gallery Р117
  2. Ninjago gallery Р69
  3. Atlantis gallery Р24
  4. Duplo gallery Р14
What do you think?

Gallery of Hi-Res 2011 Set Pictures

Below are a few examples from each theme.  If you thought the Toy Fair 2011 pics look good, then of course these hi-res official photos look wayyyy better.

There is also a hint of more pics to come¬†with this statement from Gizmodo: “There are a couple more secret models, but we will show those to you at a later date“.¬†

Hmm… I hope they don’t mean the Cars 2 range or the Spongebob sets that were not included in gallery…

You can get the full range of 2011 hi-res pics¬†from Gizmodo’s write-up¬†here.¬†¬† Anyway for your convenience these link directly to the respective galleries:

FBTB reports on the 10219 Maersk Train

FBTB reports that the 10219 Maersk Train¬†is a LEGO Shop@Home Exclusive and it was unveiled at LEGO World.¬† Yay, so it’ll be available for sale after all, and not some limited release like the Vestas set. ūüôā

It’ll cost US$119.99/CA$159.99/EUR 119.99 /GBP91.99… so expect some inflated prices when when¬†it hits Singapore’s shores.¬†¬† This set should be available from Shop@Home and LEGO stores from April 1, 2011. Full details and more pictures are available from FBTB.

Not motorized like the Emerald Night, but of course you can go ahead and add a PF engine yourself.

The highly-realistic Maersk diesel-electric freight train has arrived! A replica of the real engine that operated on the railroads of America, this Maersk¬†train features exceptional detailing and functions, such as opening driver‚Äôs cab, removable side panel revealing a detailed, 16-cylinder engine, and authentic Maersk¬†branding. The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing). The set also includes a shunter¬†truck and detachable trailer for loading and offloading the containers. Add LEGO¬ģ Power Functions accessories to motorize!

‚ÄĘ Includes 3 workman minifigures!
‚ÄĘ Train measures 36‚Ä≥ (92cm) long!
‚ÄĘ Building instructions include a historical description of the LEGO Group/A.P. Moller¬†Maersk¬†Group cooperation and a timeline of the products launched!
‚ÄĘ Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!
‚ÄĘ Motorize¬†your Maersk¬†train by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10V DC, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver, 8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control and 88002 Power Functions Train Motor!

Toy Fair 2011 Updates by FBTB

Quick one:¬† Ryan & Ace from FBTB¬†have done a marvellous job at the Toy Fair with the best quality pics for the LEGO exhibits that I’ve seen so far, including close-ups of minifigs, set play features, close-ups of sets/interiors.¬†

Do visit ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅFBTB’s Flickr photostream to see the pics.

And Happy Valentines Day everyone. ūüôā

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