10218 Pet Shop official press release & pics

Via FBTB: 10218 Pet Shop Revealed (more pics in FBTB’s Flickr)

UPDATE: Here’s the video from The Brothers Brick:

10218 Pet Shop
Ages 16+. 2,032 pieces.
US $149.99 CA $199.99 DE 149.99 € UK 119.99 £

Continuing the LEGO® Modular Buildings series, this highly detailed, 3-story Pet Shop building and townhouse with full internal and external detailing is the perfect addition to your LEGO town. Greet customers with a menagerie of pets and let them treat them with a selection of toys and supplies. The pet shop building features a hinged staircase for easy access, upper apartment with kitchenette and upper loft overlooking the open plan interior below. To the side, the tastefully appointed townhouse features a detailed ground floor with accessories and spiral staircase leading to the upper floor. The attic space features storage boxes and French doors leading out to an elegant front balcony, while the rooftop garden, complete with fresh vegetables, brightens up the rear of the building.
• Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: pet shop owner, girl on bicycle, painter with paint roller and woman!
• Pet shop includes dog, cat, 2 parrots and fish tank with goldfish!
• Also includes 3 dog bones, ball, frog toy, birdhouse, bucket and brush!
• Kitchenette features stone fireplace, stove, sink, coffee maker and small table and chair!
• Upper loft features skylight, bed and lamp!
• Townhouse features ground floor with mailbox and mail, hat rack, couch, telephone, toilet and access to basement crawl space!
• Measures 11″ (25.5cm) wide and 10.5″ (26.5cm) high!
• Combine with other modular buildings, like 10197 Fire Brigade and 10211 Grand Emporium!


Gallery of Hi-Res 2011 Set Pictures

Below are a few examples from each theme.  If you thought the Toy Fair 2011 pics look good, then of course these hi-res official photos look wayyyy better.

There is also a hint of more pics to come with this statement from Gizmodo: “There are a couple more secret models, but we will show those to you at a later date“. 

Hmm… I hope they don’t mean the Cars 2 range or the Spongebob sets that were not included in gallery…

You can get the full range of 2011 hi-res pics from Gizmodo’s write-up here.   Anyway for your convenience these link directly to the respective galleries:

Toy Fair 2011 Updates by FBTB

Quick one:  Ryan & Ace from FBTB have done a marvellous job at the Toy Fair with the best quality pics for the LEGO exhibits that I’ve seen so far, including close-ups of minifigs, set play features, close-ups of sets/interiors. 

Do visit FBTB’s Flickr photostream to see the pics.

And Happy Valentines Day everyone. 🙂

New Pics of Summer 2011 HP, City, Cars & Star Wars Sets

EB member Kris Kelvin shared pics of the summer 2011 sets such as

  • Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts (4867): Click here for more
  • City sets Power Boat Transporter (4643) and Marina (4644): Click here for more
  • Cars set Mack’s Team Truck (8486): Click here for more (I can’t tell from the pic, but remember that Huw mentioned no stickers? Hope that’s true! I’ll hate for this set to be all stickered…)
  • Star Wars Sets Sith Nightspeeder (7957), Millennium Falcon (7965), Ewok Attack (7956): Click here for more

And over in the EB Technic forum, backbone shared pics of the summer 2011 creator and technic sets: Click here

Along with the earlier batch of pics from the German Toy Fair, I think it’s time to start shortlisting the sets you want to get in 2011?  (That’s Ninjago, Aliens Conquest, Heroica (board games), Pharaoh’s Quest, Kingdoms, Atlantis, Collectible Minifig Series 5 & Atlantis pics and/or videos)  I’ll recommend using Brickset to set up a ‘want’ list: 2011 sets  🙂

P.S: I enhanced the original pics so it’s easier to make out the details. 🙂

Some MOCs I Like

Decided to clear my backlog of MOCs to feature by starting with ‘contemporary’, since I found another 2 that I like today.  Both feature the use of custom decals that look good.  Kinda inspiring. 🙂

LEGO Newsstand by lgorlando – haven’t seen any new buildings from him for a while. Hope won’t have to wait too long for the next one!

Red Box DVD rental & Pepsi Vending Machine by tehLEGOman 

Volkswagen Kombi/Samba Van by Bruno Vaiano

Huis Ter Djik by Nieks G.

LEGO Carry Case by houghster on flickr is a Christmas present for his daughter.  It’s a really lovely present huh?  The best use of the carry case I’ve seen so far. 🙂

Fallingwater by Spencer_R, a microscale-version of architecture set 21005

New York Central M-497 by Aleksander Stein looks amazingly like the real thing.  Read more in his Flickr account.

A Couple of Recent MOCs I Like

Espana Corner by andybear@hk looks really great. I especially like the sliding doors and roof. It comes with interiors too, so do visit Andy’s flickr page or brickshelf to see even more great stuff.  

I am really impressed by all his town MOCs!  After browsing his brickshelf, he’s become one of my favourite builders and yet another one of those masters with drool worthy town layouts…


Corridor 2.0 by L D M uses a mirror and looks really good. Made me realise tho that I can’t remember enough of my physics to figure out how it’s done. 😛

I’ve been interested in  torgugick‘s St. Basil’s Cathedral for a while (WIP pics were out a few weeks back). It looks completed now and it looks great! Do pop by his Flickr and check out his White House, Angkor Wat, Mont St Michel and other gems. Talk about have a ‘landmark’ collection!

For something quite different, here’s Weird-War German “Vernichtungsläufer” by  Titolian. Am impressed by the fact that it only took half an hour to build!

Note to liquidor515: Umm… still no tanks yet… but here’s a step in that direction. 😛


My Modular Pizza Corner

Continuing my ‘modularisation’ of official City sets, I worked on 7641 City Corner so that my Legolings can finally get some pizza.  So here it is, and hope you like it too.

Completed this a while back, but haven’t had time to sit down and edit the photos until now. Didn’t have time to play and come up with some story, so just pics with some fun shots further down.

1st floor: Has some bar tables, a lovers seat, and the all important kitchen. Back of the pizzeria has garbage bin and is where the pizza delivery biker boy picks up his next order from. Stairs out on the left leads to the 2nd floor…

2nd floor: Not much going on, just a table and a small toilet under the stairs and a. Actually I added some display shelf with vase etc but am too lazy to re-take interior pics. Update: Photo added below

3rd floor: Alfresco dining! Also added a small shelf for the service staff to put water n cutlery, but again… the lazy bug is strong. 😛 Update: Photo added below

The front, back and sides

Top Views

Fun shots and interiors – Views you would see if you were minifig sized… or able to climb onto ceilings (!)…

Pavement view:

While standing at the entrance…

View of kitchen, that comes with oven (pizza baking inside), stove, sink (but missing one corner oops), cupboard above (for putting cups) and a service counter with flip top.

Pizza delivery boy… pizza included of course (just realised I’d also modified the bike to include pizza displays on the sides, but forgot to take pics! Oops!)

2nd floor just has one lonely customer… like I mentioned earlier, I added a shelf and some small decors post-photo shoot. So it doesn’t look as empty as it does in this pic any more.

Update: Photo added to show the shelf I added

3rd floor of pizzeria features alfresco rooftop dining and looks a lot busier:

Update: Photo added to show the service table for cups, etc

Close-up of 1st floor awnings – Yup, in case you haven’t guess, the red and black awning is the last minute addition that caused me to re-shoot almost all of the exterior pics. I do like it very much tho, cos it adds a lot of the ‘pizzeria’ feel to this shop.

Original version before I thought of doing the awnings – I took a pic next to the box to show the modifications from the original set. As usual I’d kept elements of the original set since the intent is really to have a modular version of the original TLG version.  As you can see, loads of similarities which is also one of the reasons why I like this MOC so much. It’s instantly recognisable as the Pizza Store from the City Corner, but in a modular form. Plus I took a relatively short time to do this up…  

Bonus shot – I brought my pizzeria to a local meet-up and ‘Chong Cheng’ was very kind to bring along some of his lovely ladies to pose as pizzeria waitresses (and to sleaze up the place, haha).

Stuff I don’t Like so much… Well… I thought of re-doing the stairs on the 2nd floor (which meant tearing up everything and re-building basically) so that the 2nd floor is more spacious.  I really need tiles, and not just for the floor tiling and pavement which would really enhance the look of the MOC I think.  Would also have been fun to experiment with different colored awnings but as it is I had just enough 1×4 tiles in red and black to do the awning but then the overall building looks kinda ‘dark’ now… not nearly as cheerful as I would like it to be.

My other modular creations: Links to my other modular creations

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