My modular Winter Toy Shop

This post is in response to a request from an EB member who wanted a closer look at the modular winter toy shop in the street pic I posted in my modular corner cinema entry (Link  to post).

Actually, haven’t found a purpose for it yet, so not a toy shop (since there will be a TRU in my town 😉 ) and the interiors are not done up too. But 1st some background…

1st Version – Winter Toy Emporium

This is my first modular MOC, or rather, the 2nd incarnation of it.

My first originally looked like this, and actually came complete with interiors, winter landscaping and little scenes that I found amusing (I especially liked the last pic below). I named it ‘Winter Toy Emporium’ and worked on it around October 2009, just after the Winter Toy Shop (10199) was available. 

This took 2 sets of Winter Toy Shops and 2 sets of Harry Potter Shrieking Shack (4756):

2nd version – Unnamed White Building

Somehow, I found  the building lacking and besides I really didn’t have space to keep it displayed.

So still using the parts from the 2 Winter Toy Shops (10199), I decided on a mostly white themed building that still retained the stuff I loved in 10199 – the distinctive roof and the red and white awnings.  I also kept the chimney and fireplace. It also comes with a 3rd floor living quarters for the shop owner, and an attic storage area.

I think you’ll agree the 2nd version is a lot girlier… not sure if by conscious or unconscious design but I do like it that way – hey, whatever I can do to make my town more comfy for ladies k? 😛

I thought of making it a lingerie store, but I really didn’t have enought princess leia or mermaid torsos to make that happen. So the possibilities now are either a clothing store (ladies of course!) or a nice cafe, y’know, the kind where gals love to get their dose of desserts?  But it’s not gonna happen unless I get a huge order of Bricklink parts…

You may have noticed that it looks kinda lopsided? It’s something I struggled with but couldn’t fix without taking away the part I like most about the 10199 -the roof.  So my ‘solution’ is to put it next to a shorter building, like my cinema or Marketstreet… some new street views:

Update on 16 Aug: Realised I forgot that the white building works as a double storey building too. So a few quick snaps today, and in black and white background just for variety. 🙂

Toysrus Store for minifigs

Thought about MOC-ing a Toysrus store after getting the TRU truck?  If you need inspiration, here’s a (yet another) great building by lgorlando

I really like the details like the irregular sized letterings on the signage and of course the interior with ‘life-sized’ Toy Story and Star Wars statues, toy houses and castle, and motorized car for kids. A clown minifig is also on hand to entertain the kids.  😀

My modular corner cinema

Update again: See my modular town hall (also from 10184) pics here.

Update again: See my modular white building pics here. 🙂


Update: My cinema has been blogged in Classic-Town! Yippee! Click here to see the post. 😀

I’d also posted in EB about my cinema and after reading all the kind comments, feel so inspired to build some more. 🙂


Readers would have seen from earlier posts (here for my modular street and here for research) that I’d been fiddling around with a modular corner cinema modified with parts from the Town Plan. 

Well, I finally put in the last 4 pieces (the technic blocks with hole that came with my S@H PAB selection) today and since I’m kinda sick of playing around with the cinema, I thought to take some pics over the long weekend and share here – sorta an official closure. 😛

Front and side views:

First floor interior, front door, ticket booth and popcorn corner:

2nd floor interior, entrance and cinema room:

Back view (really ugly!):

Ok, not perfect… but I’m lazy to fix the flaws. Stuff I’m pleased with are the popcorn corner, ticket counters (I like the TV screens 🙂 ) and Yeti display (like those movie displays at cinemas). 

Stuff I don’t like so much… (wow, such a long list!) Stairs ain’t so great, the screen and chairs look kinda sad and the back is really ugly (luckily not visible in my usual display!).  Plus I don’t have enough white plates for the flooring and roof so it’s really patch-worky looking – the red plates are totally based on whatever plates I have on hand) and the white tiles are leftovers from the winter scene I did last December (I think either blue or red tiles would look more authentic for carpeting).

As a last view, my current modular street:


Update: Got the cinema from Town Plan to do a side-by-side comparison with my modular:


So what’s next? I’m thinking to modularise either the Pizza store from City Corner (7641), or the Police Headquarters (7744) or the Hospital (7892).  What do you think?

Am leaning towards Pizza store, mainly cos I have lots of red bricks on hand from all the basic brick sets I’ve been swiping.  Plus it’s an easy one.  The Police HQ and Hospital will probably have to be a full plate thing rather than the half plate for Pizza store, so those are also gonna take a while to build up.

Decisions, decisions…

Costume Corner with Series 1 minifigs

Brent Waller has created a costume corner shop for his collectible minifig series 1 (8683).  I think it’s a great way to integrate the collectible minifig series into everyday city life, what do you think?  

Really like the detailed interiors.  More in his flickr account.

St. Times Yellow Grocery

Yet another MOC by marcosbessa.  This time, his revised yellow building named the St. Times Yellow Grocery.  I know there has been an awful lot of posts on his work the past week, but I can’t help it.  That man is just so talented!

MOC: Apliu Street in Hong Kong

There have been a coupls of great MOCs recently. Been too busy to share them here but think I should get started… 1st off, Alexhui on Eurobricks just shared his MOC which is an entry in the Hong Kong LEGO Building competition that will be held 7/30/2010 – 3/8/2010 in Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center (wish I had a business trip to HK…). His model is one of the 12 finalists: Link

I think it excellently captures the bustle and ‘noise’ of HK… and I love how he did the neon looking lights. He even included Mahjong players on the rooftop! 🙂  The minifigs don’t look like Hong Kong-ers tho… Visit Eurobricks for more pics!

“Apliu Street (simplified Chinese: 鸭寮街; traditional Chinese: 鴨寮街) is a street in the Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It runs parallel to Cheung Sha Wan Road between Yen Chow Street and Nam Cheong Street. An easy way to reach it is to get off at the MTR Sham Shui Po Station. Use the A2 or C2 exit and you will be ascending directly into Apliu Street.

The Cantonese name “apliu” (鴨寮) comes from a village which was formerly located nearby but has long since been buried underneath the urbanization of Sham Shui Po.

Apliu Street has a huge flea market containing electronics, electrical components, and related items. A shopper can find both new and used merchandise in the area. Apliu Street is well known for geek shopping.

While Apliu Street is famous for electronic parts, the Golden Shopping Arcade found on the other side of Cheung Sha Wan Road is famous for computer hardware and related items.”

New set pics: bridge, bakery & starfighter

The Lego forums are all abuzz over the latest set pics from Whung on Eurobricks.

It doesn’t look like I have a choice.  I’m getting all three.  And at least 2 of the bakery… I am looking forward to seeing clearer pics of the bridge and the bakery, and crossing my fingers on the local prices…  

10216: Winter Village Bakery

10214: London Tower Bridge

10215: UCS Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter

From Eurobricks:

Tower Bridge Link
Winter Bakery Link

Jedi Starfighter Link

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