What’s this new dragon set?

Apparently an exclusive to the Mall of America store.  From mhuffman‘s Flickr.  

New pics for Creator Lighthouse Island & Hillside House

Grogall shares some new pics of alternative builds for two new Creator sets.  New set news have been slow ever since the toy fairs, so hopefully there are more to come.  🙂

Lego Creator 5770 Lighthouse Island

Posted Image

Posted Image

Lego Creator 5771 Hill Side House

Posted Image

Posted Image

You can see more pics from this Eurobricks thread.

Wanna Watch A Hero Factory Cartoon in Cantonese?

I’m getting a weird kick out of watching the Hero Factory cartoon dubbed in Cantonese language.  Thanks to a few formative years spent watch Malaysia’s Jade Solid Gold channel and recent exposure to Hong Kong colleagues, I’m actually able to understand most of the show.  Scroll down to watch them.

It’s from my favourite TRU HK’s Youtube channel as usual.

Ok, not too friendly to my non-Cantonese speaking readers so here’s the Pharaoh’s Quest advert and some car building tips by Lami for young readers (or AFOL’s kids!). 🙂

If I’m sounding ‘cheerful’… yeah, it’s finally the weekend and I’m so glad to get a break from work.

Hero Factory Webisode in Cantonese

Gallery of Hi-Res 2011 Set Pictures

Below are a few examples from each theme.  If you thought the Toy Fair 2011 pics look good, then of course these hi-res official photos look wayyyy better.

There is also a hint of more pics to come with this statement from Gizmodo: “There are a couple more secret models, but we will show those to you at a later date“. 

Hmm… I hope they don’t mean the Cars 2 range or the Spongebob sets that were not included in gallery…

You can get the full range of 2011 hi-res pics from Gizmodo’s write-up here.   Anyway for your convenience these link directly to the respective galleries:

Toy Fair 2011 Updates by FBTB

Quick one:  Ryan & Ace from FBTB have done a marvellous job at the Toy Fair with the best quality pics for the LEGO exhibits that I’ve seen so far, including close-ups of minifigs, set play features, close-ups of sets/interiors. 

Do visit FBTB’s Flickr photostream to see the pics.

And Happy Valentines Day everyone. 🙂

New Pics of Summer 2011 HP, City, Cars & Star Wars Sets

EB member Kris Kelvin shared pics of the summer 2011 sets such as

  • Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts (4867): Click here for more
  • City sets Power Boat Transporter (4643) and Marina (4644): Click here for more
  • Cars set Mack’s Team Truck (8486): Click here for more (I can’t tell from the pic, but remember that Huw mentioned no stickers? Hope that’s true! I’ll hate for this set to be all stickered…)
  • Star Wars Sets Sith Nightspeeder (7957), Millennium Falcon (7965), Ewok Attack (7956): Click here for more

And over in the EB Technic forum, backbone shared pics of the summer 2011 creator and technic sets: Click here

Along with the earlier batch of pics from the German Toy Fair, I think it’s time to start shortlisting the sets you want to get in 2011?  (That’s Ninjago, Aliens Conquest, Heroica (board games), Pharaoh’s Quest, Kingdoms, Atlantis, Collectible Minifig Series 5 & Atlantis pics and/or videos)  I’ll recommend using Brickset to set up a ‘want’ list: 2011 sets  🙂

P.S: I enhanced the original pics so it’s easier to make out the details. 🙂

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day photo frame and live you polybags are now available for S$9.90 at Secret Chamber while stocks last.
While you are there to stock up on gifts for your lady friend, you can also check out these acrylic cases in yellow, blue & green meant to showcase your collectible minifigs series 1, 2 & 3 for S$89.90 each.

Thanks to Jonathan for the shopping tip-off. 🙂

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