Some MOCs I Like

NOTE: Added picture of ‘The LEGO Ideas Book’ out Aug’2011 thanks to killyrbf.  The cover looks fantastic. It’s a must get for me! (Love DK books) 😀


Snowy Visage by Siercon and Coral

Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship by jason corlett

B2 – KriegsLäufer by Fredoichi

Life-size Electric Guitar by tkh

St. Philip’s Chapel by LegoLord.

Hogwarts Castle (with Hogsmeade Station) by  Mr Offset 

Un-named Creation by zgrredek

Red Dojo by  ACPin – “In the early spring as the flowers bloom, the preparation for battle looms across the red dojo. Last minute rites are administered by the sensei amongst the most skilled pupils before they go to battle.”

Piano by  marshal banana

Conflict at Noordoostpolder Lock by  Johŋ

A Couple of Recent MOCs I Like

Espana Corner by andybear@hk looks really great. I especially like the sliding doors and roof. It comes with interiors too, so do visit Andy’s flickr page or brickshelf to see even more great stuff.  

I am really impressed by all his town MOCs!  After browsing his brickshelf, he’s become one of my favourite builders and yet another one of those masters with drool worthy town layouts…


Corridor 2.0 by L D M uses a mirror and looks really good. Made me realise tho that I can’t remember enough of my physics to figure out how it’s done. 😛

I’ve been interested in  torgugick‘s St. Basil’s Cathedral for a while (WIP pics were out a few weeks back). It looks completed now and it looks great! Do pop by his Flickr and check out his White House, Angkor Wat, Mont St Michel and other gems. Talk about have a ‘landmark’ collection!

For something quite different, here’s Weird-War German “Vernichtungsläufer” by  Titolian. Am impressed by the fact that it only took half an hour to build!

Note to liquidor515: Umm… still no tanks yet… but here’s a step in that direction. 😛


So Many New MOCs I Like..

I hate it when I get a backlog of stuff that I really want to post, and unfortunately with so many I really have no time to comment on what I like about each MOC individually.  As usual, do click on the links to their Flickr sites for more pics and close-ups.

Two are entries for the FBTB MOC Madness 2010 Tournament (I’ve been looking at the entries and there are some really cool ships), one vignette that has all 16 of the Series 2 Minifigs, a new stained glass SNOT technique (she has been developing the technique for a while), an eerie castle scene, a war scene, a modified TRU truck (I do like this size a lot more than the original), a steam punk and an abandoned museum.  Really quite a varied offering and I hope there’s something for everyone here. 🙂

Broken Regret by Nannan Z

The Subacorr by Octopunk

 Life’s a Beach by I Scream Clone

Cheese Slope Patterns by eilonwy77

The Dead Can’t Speak by yoshix

Airborne in Normandy by PigletCiamek

ISUZU Toysrus truck by andybear@hk

Medium Steam Airship Mk. LVI By Pain Parade

Museum at night by SlyOwl


Mystery on the Prometheus

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next vig by Bart De Dobbelaer to uncover the mystery on the Prometheus…  If you were ever a scifi fiction fan, go to his photostream to read the story and be hooked!  If not, just enjoy the well thought out details on his great vig anyways. 🙂

Giant hornet on dangerous planet

Lino M has a whole storyline to accompany his giant hornet… I had great fun reading it so do click on the link for more pics and the story. 🙂

Alien diner whets my appetite

Titolian continues his “Ganymede Street” space city vignettes. This time a Diner in one of the dangerous sectors of planet Z1-7.  It reminded me of a scene in SW as well, tho I can’t rem which episode that was.

Other news this week

I’ve been rather busy this week and I might be busy this coming week as well so here is a sudden spurt of blogging activity before the new work week starts (ah, pre-Monday blues! 😦 ).

Apart from the new Harry Potter and Advent Calendar hi-res pics, probably other upcoming sets with details recently available and worthy of note are 10213 Shuttle Adventure and 8404 City Public Transport
(pics are links to Brickset pages).

Am still working on a new post about my Lego shopping experiences in Japan. It’s taking a while cause I did do a lot of shopping (which means more details to add) and need to update the pics into my comp… stay tuned!

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