Hello Kitty Mega Bloks

I’m feeling kinda traitorous recently… you see, I bought more Mega Bloks sets.  That’s in addition to the Mega Bloks smurfs set I got recently (see post here).

Umm… before you pelt me with rocks (or LEGO bricks, that I don’t mind), let me show you how cute the two Hello Kitty sets are:

Seeing as I don’t think there will be any Hello Kitty LEGO sets in the near future (I checked, the Mega Bloks agreement with Sanrio is for 2 years), I think it isn’t too bad of me to get a few.  What’s more only the smaller ones cos I wanted the minifig. The piece of small brochure included shows what other sets are available (see, I really did get the small ones, just an ‘impulse’ set and the next bigger set):

Quality wise, the Hello Kitty minifig is of far better quality than the smurfette fig I have.  Both in terms of printing and in ‘feel’.  I wonder why? Different factories? Pet peeve tho, the patterned backdrop for the impulse set is a sticker (pre-stuck onto the piece) rather than a printed tile.  Seems to be the case for other sets too (is this a Mega Bloks standard feature?).  

Anyway here’s a shot with Harry Potter to show how tall (short) the Hello Kitty fig is.  Harry Potter is holding the balloon cos Hello Kitty’s arms are not angled correctly to allow her to carry the balloon.

Btw, both  TRU (Hello Kitty House @ S$59.90 /vs $79.90) and Takashimaya (Candy Store @S$19.90/vs $34.90 & Fruits/Flower Shop @S$39.90/vs$59.90) are having special offers on the bigger Hello Kitty sets:


Smurfette’s House

Rem my earlier post on Smurfs sets? Yeah got one today from Toystation.

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