Where minifigs spend their money…

Mystery solved of where rich minifigs spend their cash… they all end up here in the luxury goods shopping district created by Jared Chan.  Hermes, Burberry, Gucci… luckily no shop of a brand of bags I’ve been eyeing lately, else it’s really a sign that I gotta get that bag…

I especially like the Burberry carpet inside.  Check out Jared Chan‘s photostream for more interior & exterior shots of all his shops.  I really like his range of designer furniture too.

Anyway, I think what is missing is a cafe for tired shoppers to re-charge and where taitais can hang out and gossip.  😀

SN204070 by Jared Chan.

SN204063 by Jared Chan.

SN204053 by Jared Chan.

SN202435 by Jared Chan.

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