Limited edition ANA plane

ANA has tied up with Lego for a limited edition (1000 sets) of the ANA plane.  Previous ANA editions were released in 2006, 2007 & 2008.  It’s basically 3181 Passenger Plane done up in ANA design.

Here’s the 3181:

And the pics of the ANA plane:

Credit to Lego Kei for the news.

Am I getting one for myself?  Probably not… I don’t fly on ANA and don’t understand the ANA website unfortunately.

What’s a wampa?

What’s a gal who is not a star wars fan but a Lego star wars collector have to do when new sets are released?  Research of course. 

This time for the 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave.  I really want the wampa.  But I have no idea why.  Something to do with possessing strange alien creatures I’m sure, but before I do that, some background info so I can decide how many sets I need…

According to the Star Wars Wiki:

Wampa ice creatures were carnivorous predatory reptomammals indigenous to the Outer Rim Territories ice planet Hoth. The bipedal beasts stood over two meters in height with shaggy white fur constantly stained by the blood and guts of slaughtered prey. Wampas were armed with jagged yellow teeth and deadly claws. Primarily solitary hunters, wampas occasionally hunted in packs, preferring to ambush their prey from the camouflage of Hoth’s snow banks and blizzards. Stunned victims were carried back to the creatures’ lairs, typically large ice caves, where the wampas ate at their leisure. The planet’s omnivorous tauntauns formed the bulk of the wampas’ prey…

See, that makes me want it more. See how shaggy and bloody it is?

As for the particular scene depicted in the Hoth Wampa Cave set,

Skywalker, however, failed to report in from his scouting work, as he was attacked by a male wampa while astride his tauntaun. The wampa landed a crushing blow to Skywalker’s face with a swipe of its powerful claw, knocking him unconscious and opening up a gash on the side of his face. His tauntaun was killed instantly with a crushing grip that snapped its neck. When Skywalker awoke, he found himself hanging upside down, his feet frozen to the ceiling of the creature’s cave, and another wampa eating the corpse of his mount.  Using the Force, Skywalker was able to escape the wampa, cutting off the creature’s arm with his lightsaber before it could attack him.”

Interesting factoid: “In the winter of 1977, Mark Hamill was in a serious car accident that left him in need of reconstructive facial surgery. Many believe that the wampa attack on Skywalker was included in the film to explain Hamill’s residual scarring and slightly altered facial features.”

So, are you getting the Hoth Wampa Cave set? 

I know I am, just a question of when… and here are some pics to tempt you before I log off for the night…

and the wampa waves goodbye…

Why TRU Singapore sucks

I’ve just read about the TRU Hong Kong pre-launch offer and now I really think TRU Singapore sucks…

Yep, 150 lucky HK fans got a white Boba Fett.  And a PAB bag as well.   What’s more, their sets are cheaper than in Singapore!  And, they also get to participate in a lucky draw!  With prizes being the full assortment of SW, Kingdoms & City sets respectively…

Grrr… anyway, if you wanna feel depressed, you can check out the TRU site here and the blog here for 1st hand account of the pre-launch.

On pre-launch day, with purchase of LEGO® Star Wars new products at or over HK$1,000, customers can get a free pack of Collectable Star Wars Boba Fett.
* While stocks last. (150 Packs Only)On pre-launch day, with purchase of Any LEGO® new products at or over HK$300, customers can get a free LEGO® Pick a Brick gift pack.
* While stocks last. (250 Packs Only)

Giant hornet on dangerous planet

Lino M has a whole storyline to accompany his giant hornet… I had great fun reading it so do click on the link for more pics and the story. 🙂

Update on Collectible Minifigs (8683) at Bricksworld

Update: Only 8 boxes left at PS BW when I went to collect my box at around 7.30 pm.  Minifigs have also arrived in Toyshunt and likely Secret Chamber (since they are only supplied to the Lego exclusive stores).  Anyone have news and can update via comments?


I was at Plaza Singapura Bricksworld during lunch.  Deliveries were being unpacked and I heard they are next headed to Takashimaya so both outlets should have all the July sets by the time you read this.

Of most interest might be the status of the Collectible Minifig series 1 (8683).  I only saw 16 boxes in PS BW… (and only 15 left after I left!).  Yep, really really limited stock so better head down asap if you want to get hold of the minifigs.  No loose packs this time round due to the limited supply.  So you either get one entire box, or nothing.

Interestingly the boxes look like they were tampered with cos the seals were cut, and re-sealed.  I opened the box I bought on the spot and no change to the minifig composition tho.  So I got:

4 Cavemen
3 Cheerleaders
3 Circus Clowns
4 Cowboys
5 Deep Sea Divers
5 Demolition Dummies
4 Forestmen
4 Magicians
5 Ninja
3 Nurses
4 Robots
3 Skaters
4 Spacemen
3 Super Wrestler
3 Zombies

Research for modular cinema MOC

Update on 9 Aug’10: Close-ups of my cinema here

I’ve been thinking about modifying a set to add a new building to my modular street.  Yup, it’s the cinema from 10184 Town Plan. 

Parts I like and intend to use are the sign and frontage cos I like the retro feel.  I think the ticket booth could be  expanded tho, as well as the popcorn n drinks corner. 

Anyway, I was looking to get more ideas and thought to share them here as well.  If you have seen them before, I hope you still find them great.  The three I like best are by  hinckley39, joaquin and evildead1980.


AFOL glossary on Eurobricks

Came across the Eurobricks (EB) glossary here

As a newbie AFOL, I remember being constantly confused when I read acronyms like ‘SNOT’ or ‘BURP’.   Here are some of the more common ones which I think would be helpful.  🙂

Bley: Bluish Grey
Colour terminology refering to the new grey introduced by Lego. Like “old” grey it exists in light and dark

BURP: Big Ugly Rock Piece
Those large strange shapped pieces including piece 6082 and piece 6083

groupings of mechanical-looking detail elements on MOCs

MOC: My Own Creation

MSRP: Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

PAB: Pick A Brick
A pick a bick consists of a wall of boxes full of various bricks in which you can choose whatever piece you want.

S@H (or SAH): Shop At Home
Lego’s online store.

SNOT: Studs Not On Top
A building technique where studs are, surprisingly, not always on top. This can be achieved with pieces designed for the purpose and have studs and/or anti-studs) on two or more faces, or by using pieces in a creative way. For example, most of the hinge pieces are good for SNOTting.

TLC: The Lego Company

TLG: The Lego Group

UCS: Ultimate Collector’s Series

Vig: Vignette
A small scene recreated on a small plate (usually 8X8)

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