News of the day…

Apart from the flash flood in Orchard Road (which is really major news, I mean, Hermes store under water? I can only imagine the number of Hermes bags and scarves that ‘died’ in the flood!)…

I finally completed my Lego Toy story collection! Got the 7598 Pizza Planet Truck Rescue from Metro at 20% off (did not see any more 7598 at Paragon when I picked up my sets). 

Think Metro still has the best offer for City and Toy Story sets for now, but Robinsons marginally edges Metro out with the $5 voucher for every $50 spent for those sets that they do have on 20% off.

Metro offer ends 27 June and Robinsons on 25 June, so hurry down and have fun shopping!

Just crossed my mind as well… I’ve noted for some time that the 7747 Wind Turbine Transport is much cheaper in Singapore than in US/UK (based on Brickset prices) as it has been on offer since Dec 2009 at $69.90 in most stores (some slightly cheaper).  So that is perhaps one set that visiting AFOLs can consider getting if they are in Singapore.

Latest Singapore Lego sales & shopping news

This seems to be a popular topic, so here are some updates about Lego stocks and sales. 

  • Monday (tomorrow!) is the last day for the 20% +10% Lego sales at Takashimaya.  Not sure what the current stock situation is since I’m not in Singapore now but last Friday I did manage to nearly complete my Toy Story collection (with Trash Compactor & Western Train) and re-stock the 7641 (City Corner) that I gave to my niece recently.
  • If you missed the Taka offer, Metro should still be having 20% off plus 5% member rebate. 
  • Toy Station (TS) brought in the Lego games, so here is your chance to get the little microfigs you’ve been eyeing. They also re-stocked 6212 X-wing Fighter (at TRU regular price, but still less than the scalping prices on Ebay Singapore). Last I went tho I noticed the MMV, Emerald Night & Winter Toy Shop were out of stock, so call before you go down if you are eyeing these 3 sets. 
  • Toysrus is still having the 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway at ‘offer price’ of S$89.90.  Plus the 7637 Farm at S$109.90 (vs S$152.90), 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer at S$29.90 (vs S$41.90) & Technic 8041 Race Truck 
    at S$99.90 (vs S$110.90).  Apart from 7599 that is exclusive to TRU in Singapore, the offers for the rest are not that great (and 8041 actually sucks…) (until Monday Taka gives a better discount at 28% off all regular price sets).
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