Japanese Red Idea Book

I brought the Japanese Red Idea book to a local Lego club meet-up and quite a few members were thrilled with the pictures/MOCs in the book. 

As promised, here are some of the favourite pages from the book.  Enjoy! 🙂 (apologies for the lousy photo taking tho!)

Details of the book and link to Amazon Japan can be found here: List of Lego books I like

Ikea catalog for minifigs

I thought this was a really clever and cute way of presenting furniture MOCs.  If you enjoyed the catalog by Jalkow, do pop by and leave some encouragement for his work. 😉

The JALKOW Collection by Jalkow.

Page 2 by Jalkow.

Page 3 by Jalkow.

Page 4 by Jalkow.

Pagina 5 by Jalkow.

Pagina 6 by Jalkow.

Rockefeller Centre

I haven’t been featuring MOCs recently, cos haven’t seen any that really caught my eye.  I suspect it’s the World Cup effect… perhaps more football = less time to play with bricks?

In any case this Rockefeller Centre MOC absolutely caught my eye… and blew me away.  Check it out yourself in Spencer_R‘s photostream.

Rockefeller Center, New York by Spencer_R.

Crane pose & karate kick

The interesting poses (and colours) caught my eye. 

The 1st one a little like one of those gongfu shows with a “crane” pose, the 2nd a “kicking” stance (no familiar gongfu name comes to mind tho).  Click on link for more pics by Pete Corp.

Neo-gothic buildings & more

This neo-gothic building by zgrredek first caught my eye.  I really like the round tower & unusual roof shape. A few of the close-up reveals more interesting details like window shopping (so true!) and a peeping tom… (click on the flickr link for more close-ups and details)


Then a few other earlier MOCs by zgrredek caught my eye and I thought it worth putting up in case anyone is interested to go to his photostream to see more.

Like this apartment that needs some restorations…


And a cannibal scene that makes me smile  (on 2nd thoughts, that makes me sound rather bloodthirsty).



I love the maxi-fig zombie by “Captain Spaulding”

And then I noticed some other MOCs that “Captain Spaulding” has shared and wanted to share with you too. 🙂

Click on link to more ‘horrifying pics’ by “Captain Spaulding”.  You could even bookmark in case you need inspiration for halloween MOCs come October. 😉

Modular buildings bonaza

A sudden surge in blog-able modular buildings these 2 days (hey, I’m a modular building fan if you haven’t already guessed from my blog name), and here they are…

1. First, a Kelly Green Deli and the Gold Jazz Cafe from lgorlando, one of my favourite modular builders (click on link to check out the rest of his fab modulars, especially the hospital!).


2. And then from another of my favourite modular builders, Jasper Joppe Geers who posted his completed Elladora’s Sweet Shop using rare dark purple bricks in Eurobricks forum.


3. Next, we have an Auto Repair Shop by -Crossfire-.  (Btw, it’s currently listed on ebay at US$399.90: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260610506600&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT)


4. Town Manor with furniture by Voyagetom comes complete with interiors.


5. Finally, here’s Le Passage by MetroiD (The Otter).


As always, click on links for more pics and details of the MOCs.

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