Nanoblocks from Japan

I was just surfing some sites about Japan, and came across these cute little blocks called “Nanoblock”.  As the name describes, these are tiny little building blocks, far smaller than Lego bricks. 

I do remember seeing these the last trip to Japan but wasn’t too impressed until I saw this set of the Himeji Castle:

Cool eh? Yeah, I think so too but not so cool is the price tag of JPY8,400.  More affordable are the colored bottles (each JPY714) and general blocks set:

The ‘impulse’ sets costing JPY1,029 each are really cute too.  For instance the Happy Birthday Girl set (there is a boy set too, and a wedding couple as well – can use as a wedding cake topper?).

Souvenirs of other key landmarks in Japan are also available, but not as nice as the Himeji Castle one:

I may just get some to play with. Perhaps to make little things for my Lego town?  At least these seem like good quality bricks unlike those made in China types.

Visit the official Nanoblock site if you are interested to know more:

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