Update on Robinsons Lego Promotion

Just came back from the Robinsons Centrepoint Atrium sale and I’ve some good news and some bad… 

Good news: The hospital value pack, which I initially thought had the stretcher, actually contains a helicopter.  The 66193 pack contains the 7890 Ambulance, 7902 Doctor’s Car, 7903 Helicopter Rescue & 7892 Hospital all for S$109.90.

Bad news: Currently no more stock for the hospital value pack, and also no more coast guard pack.  Staff were not able to provide info on whether new stocks will come in between now and 25 June, so call and check before you go down.

There are still plenty of stocks left for the other packs, as well as older Power Miner sets on offer.  Happy shopping! 

Of course, apart from the offers the Lego displays are nice too.  I’ll create another post for that. 🙂

Lego sale in Takashimaya

Hey, Takashimaya Singapore is now having 20% discount off all regular priced Lego, plus another 10% off with your Takashimaya member card for 5 days from 27 to 31 May (Thur to Mon).  That’s effectively 28% off, quite a decent offer.

They have the latest Toy Story 3 sets (excluding the TRU exclusive Garbage Truck & the Pizza Truck).  Plus I also saw SW, Troll Castle, the 2010 City & Power Miners, and Creator Apple Tree House. 

Happy shopping! 🙂

Lego Architecture Sets on Sale

I couldn’t resist when I read the news from Toys N Bricks (link on right) about the sale on Amazon.com… so I went ahead and bought all 6 sets of Lego Architecture, with free super saver shipping to my Borderlinx account in the US. 

Prices as follows:

  • 21000 Sears Tower US$17.10 (vs $19.99 in Lego.com)
  • 21001 John Hancock Center US$16.74 (vs $19.99)
  • 21002 Empire State Building US$19.01 (vs $19.99)
  • 21003 Seattle Space Needle US$18.45 (vs $19.99)
  • 21004 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum US$33.21 (vs $39.99)
  • 21005 Fallingwater US$69.95 (vs $99.99)

Ok, so the prices are not so great for the smaller sets but then they were selling Guggenheim Museum at S$129.90, and the Fallingwater at S$279.90.   So even at 15% discount, I figured it’ll still be cheaper to ship the whole lot over than to buy locally in Singapore.

Fingers crossed on the final shipping price!

As usual, pic links to Brickset for reference.

TRU offer for Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck Getaway

I bought a new set today, it’s the Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck Getaway (7599) exclusive to Toysrus in Singapore.  While it’s at a so-called ‘discount’ of S$89.90, it’s actually selling for US$49.99 so it still more expensive than USA, as usual… (grumble grumble…)

If you are curious, usual price is S$119.90.  

I guess if you are not willing to wait and see if better deals come along, this is as good as it gets (or unless you have a trip to the USA). 

One more thing, the Western Train Chase (7597) sets have arrived in Singapore retailing at S$189.90 (saw it at Bricksworld Takashimaya but not in Metro, Toysrus or Takashimaya toys department yet).  The pig looks great and so does the T-Rex and train, but  think I’ll wait for a sale before buying.  It’s only US$79.99 in the USA…


As usual, pics link to Brickset for details and reference.

New gadget: HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition Netbook

I know I’ll be busy for the next couple of days… apart from mundane things like housework, I’ve a new gadget! It’s the HP Mini 210-1099SE 10.1-Inch Vivienne Tam Edition Netbook.

While I haven’t had time to play around with it since I just got it today, top marks to the packaging department… I love the golden box, I love the little velvety pouch and I love love the matching HP Vivienne Tam mouse that came along.

Specs are good too, one of the higher end netbooks around with 2 GB RAM, 320 GB hard disk, Windows 7 Home Premium edition, etc.

Best of all, I got it for a great low price of S$399, plus another 12% rebate $ earned on my Citi Tangs card.

From where you ask? It’s a limited 2 day offer for Citi card holders at the Tangs members preview sale that started today and ends tomorrow (20 May 2010). Go grab one for yourself if you are in Singapore. Usual retail at S$999. The catch is you need to accumulate spend of at least S$500 in no more than 3 receipts to be able to purchase this.

So… I’m gonna go play with my butterfly netbook. 🙂

By the way, Lego sets were on sale in Tangs at 15%+10% off, plus another 12% rebate if you are a Tangs member. Great deal huh? Not much left by the time I got there though. Heard from a staff that early birds came in the morning in swiped all the new Toy Story 3 and other 2010 sets.

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