Update on Collectible Minifigs (8683) at Bricksworld

Update: Only 8 boxes left at PS BW when I went to collect my box at around 7.30 pm.  Minifigs have also arrived in Toyshunt and likely Secret Chamber (since they are only supplied to the Lego exclusive stores).  Anyone have news and can update via comments?


I was at Plaza Singapura Bricksworld during lunch.  Deliveries were being unpacked and I heard they are next headed to Takashimaya so both outlets should have all the July sets by the time you read this.

Of most interest might be the status of the Collectible Minifig series 1 (8683).  I only saw 16 boxes in PS BW… (and only 15 left after I left!).  Yep, really really limited stock so better head down asap if you want to get hold of the minifigs.  No loose packs this time round due to the limited supply.  So you either get one entire box, or nothing.

Interestingly the boxes look like they were tampered with cos the seals were cut, and re-sealed.  I opened the box I bought on the spot and no change to the minifig composition tho.  So I got:

4 Cavemen
3 Cheerleaders
3 Circus Clowns
4 Cowboys
5 Deep Sea Divers
5 Demolition Dummies
4 Forestmen
4 Magicians
5 Ninja
3 Nurses
4 Robots
3 Skaters
4 Spacemen
3 Super Wrestler
3 Zombies

Toyshunt July stocks and collectible minifigs series 1 (8683)

Update on 1 July: The July releases are supposed to arrive in Bricksworld & Toystation on 2 July too.  And, BW & TS also stock the superpacks.  More in this post.


Yep. The collectible minifigs series 8683 are back in Toyshunt and arriving this Friday, 2 July along with the other July Star Wars, Kingdoms & City sets.

While ‘reservations’ is allowed, TH policy is basically on first-come-first-serve basis so unless you pay upfront, the store won’t actually set aside the set for you.

While the minifigs are only in on Friday, the rest of the familiar superpacks from the Robinsons sale have re-surfaced in Toyshunt (yep, I was there today).  Nope, no hospital pack tho.

As usual, happy shopping! 😀

66321 Dulpo Big City Zoo Value Pack 66320 Dulpo Feeding Zoo Value Pack
66321 Duplo Big City Zoo Value PackNormal Price:  $290.80Sale’s Price:  $179.90 66320 Duplo Feeding Zoo Value PackNormal Price:  $229.70Sale’s Price:  $139.90
66306 Coast Guard Value Pack 66307 World City Value Pack
66306 Coast Guard Value PackNormal Price:  $100.70Sale’s Price:  $69.90 66307 World City Value PackNormal Price:  $72.90Sale’s Price:  $39.90
66329 Police & Fire Value Pack 66318 Technic Value Pack
66329 Police & Fire Value PackNormal Price:  $60.90Sale’s Price:  $39.90 66318 Technic Value PackNormal Price:  $208.90Sale’s Price:  $129.90
8683 LEGO Minifigures Vol 1
Back in Stock8683 LEGO Minifigures Vol 1Only available on Friday (2 July)

Normal Price:  $3.90

Member’s Price:  $3.51

8098 Clone Turbo Tank 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave
8098 Clone Turbo TankNormal Price:  $279.90Member’s Price:  $251.91 8089 Hoth Wampa CaveNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91
8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter 8095 General Grievous Starfighter
8093 Plo Koon’s StarfighterNormal Price:  $55.90Member’s Price:  $50.31 8095 General Grievous StarfighterNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91
8096 Emperor Palpatine Shuttle 8097 Slave 1
8096 Emperor Palpatine ShuttleNormal Price:  $159.90Member’s Price:  $143.91 8097 Slave 1Normal Price:  $199.90Member’s Price:  $179.91
7946 Kings Castle 7948 Outpost Attack
7946 Kings CastleNormal Price:  $219.90Member’s Price:  $197.91 7948 Outpost AttackNormal Price:  $40.90Member’s Price:  $36.81
7947 Prison Tower Rescue 7949 Prison Carriage Rescue
7947 Prison Tower RescueNormal Price:  $109.90Member’s Price:  $98.91 7949 Prison Carriage RescueNormal Price:  $19.90Member’s Price:  $17.91
7950 Knight's Showdown 7953 Court Jester
7950 Knight’s ShowdownNormal Price:  $13.90Member’s Price:  $12.51 7953 Court JesterNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21
7955 Wizard 5893 Off Road Power
7955 WizardNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21 5893 Off Road PowerNormal Price:  $159.90Member’s Price:  $143.91
7566 Farmer 3221 City Truck
7566 FarmerNormal Price:  $6.90Member’s Price:  $6.21 3221 City TruckNormal Price:  $50.90Member’s Price:  $45.81

Bricksworld Toy Story Promo: 30070

I just got my 30070 Alien Space Ship from Bricksworld.  Get one with $30 spent on Toy Story.  Promo till 30 June.

Robinsons Lego Displays

Apart from shopping, I also went back to snap some pics of the Lego displays at the Centrepoint Robinsons Atrium (till 25 June).   🙂

Overview of the atrium display and sales items

Close up of the truck and giant fireman

Various Lego town displays in the atrium and corridor

Latest Singapore Lego sales & shopping news

This seems to be a popular topic, so here are some updates about Lego stocks and sales. 

  • Monday (tomorrow!) is the last day for the 20% +10% Lego sales at Takashimaya.  Not sure what the current stock situation is since I’m not in Singapore now but last Friday I did manage to nearly complete my Toy Story collection (with Trash Compactor & Western Train) and re-stock the 7641 (City Corner) that I gave to my niece recently.
  • If you missed the Taka offer, Metro should still be having 20% off plus 5% member rebate. 
  • Toy Station (TS) brought in the Lego games, so here is your chance to get the little microfigs you’ve been eyeing. They also re-stocked 6212 X-wing Fighter (at TRU regular price, but still less than the scalping prices on Ebay Singapore). Last I went tho I noticed the MMV, Emerald Night & Winter Toy Shop were out of stock, so call before you go down if you are eyeing these 3 sets. 
  • Toysrus is still having the 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway at ‘offer price’ of S$89.90.  Plus the 7637 Farm at S$109.90 (vs S$152.90), 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer at S$29.90 (vs S$41.90) & Technic 8041 Race Truck 
    at S$99.90 (vs S$110.90).  Apart from 7599 that is exclusive to TRU in Singapore, the offers for the rest are not that great (and 8041 actually sucks…) (until Monday Taka gives a better discount at 28% off all regular price sets).

TRU offer for Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck Getaway

I bought a new set today, it’s the Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck Getaway (7599) exclusive to Toysrus in Singapore.  While it’s at a so-called ‘discount’ of S$89.90, it’s actually selling for US$49.99 so it still more expensive than USA, as usual… (grumble grumble…)

If you are curious, usual price is S$119.90.  

I guess if you are not willing to wait and see if better deals come along, this is as good as it gets (or unless you have a trip to the USA). 

One more thing, the Western Train Chase (7597) sets have arrived in Singapore retailing at S$189.90 (saw it at Bricksworld Takashimaya but not in Metro, Toysrus or Takashimaya toys department yet).  The pig looks great and so does the T-Rex and train, but  think I’ll wait for a sale before buying.  It’s only US$79.99 in the USA…


As usual, pics link to Brickset for details and reference.

30042 Mini Sub offer at TRU



Toysrus Singapore is having a special offer for Star Card members from May to June – a 30042 Mini Sub with every purchase of a 8079 Shadow Snapper at S$49.90.  Not a bad deal if you consider that 8079 is selling at US$29.90 in the US.


I think 30042 is a nicer set than the 8072 Sea Jet, cos the sub design is really quite nice, so if you are in Singapore, do go and grab a set.

Happy shopping!

(All pics are shortcuts to Brickset for easy reference)

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