Some stationery spotted in Hong Kong

Think these are new but I can’t be sure since I am honestly slightly out of touch (only slightly cos I do know about all the major new sets…).

Anyways, in case you are going to Hong Kong, you can look out for them in Toysrus (TRU).  Since I didn’t have the chance to check out any other stores, not sure if the little hobby stores would carry stationery too.

LEGO Minifigure Head Sharpener – SKN# 933562 / HKD24.90

Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959618 / HKD79.90

Ninjago Essentials Stationery Set – SKN# 959626 / HKD79.90

Drink Bottle – SKN# 959685  / HKD79.90

Ninjago Drink Bottle – SKN# 959693  / HKD79.90

Ok, a few others that I am lazy to add cos I don’t find them very interesting… colour pencils, activity books and the like. You may want to pop by the HK TRU site to see more: LINK

Is this a new series of “megafig” money banks?

As soon as I saw the pic in the local Toysrus (TRU) catalog when I visited Hong Kong, I wanted one.  Unfortunately the stock had not arrived when I left Hong Kong. TRU calls it the “LEGO Ninjago Collectible Money Bank”.  Measures 34 cm according to an eBay listing.  Will be great for displays or as presents for little (or bigger) boys. I can only hope that we’ll get it in Singapore soon, and have more designs to pick from… Imagine a clone trooper version. The SW fans will go crazy…

SKN# 933503

Price (each) : HK$299.90 (approx SGD50)


To go or not go see some LEGO in Hong Kong?

Not much of a dilemma if it’s in some store that I can pop by at my convenience.  But going to the 14th Hong Kong Ani-com 香港動漫電玩節, or ACG 2012 is another story.

香港樂高迷用戶組- Hong Kong LEGO Users Group (HKLUG) have been postings such interesting pics and information from the ACG that I am sorely tempted… then again, I understand that ACG is so crowded that there is a good chance I may not even get to the booth if I go.  Gosh, I really hate queues.

Of course, I have limited time in Hong Kong and other interests like COS, Maud Frizon, H&M, Homeless and Goods of Desire are on my must-dos.  😦

LEGO exhibit in Hong Kong

Anyone going to Hong Kong for a holiday?  If you are in Hong Kong from now till 2 May, do pop by Taikoo City Plaza and enjoy the fantastic creations by the talented Hong Kong AFOLs.  I saw a few gorgeous creations on Flickr, such as this wonderfully detailed Grand Palace and found out that it’s part of the 17 famous world landmarks on display in Hong Kong from The Brothers Brick.

I’m also fairly interested to see the megafigs display (yeah, I do want them…ahem) and apparently a display of 2,000 minifigs through the years. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have any trip planned to Hong Kong, but luckily loads of pics are available in Bo Chi Workshop’s Flickr that I can drool over. 🙂  

Wanna Watch A Hero Factory Cartoon in Cantonese?

I’m getting a weird kick out of watching the Hero Factory cartoon dubbed in Cantonese language.  Thanks to a few formative years spent watch Malaysia’s Jade Solid Gold channel and recent exposure to Hong Kong colleagues, I’m actually able to understand most of the show.  Scroll down to watch them.

It’s from my favourite TRU HK’s Youtube channel as usual.

Ok, not too friendly to my non-Cantonese speaking readers so here’s the Pharaoh’s Quest advert and some car building tips by Lami for young readers (or AFOL’s kids!). 🙂

If I’m sounding ‘cheerful’… yeah, it’s finally the weekend and I’m so glad to get a break from work.

Hero Factory Webisode in Cantonese

Bricks Adventure 2011

Foto Walker brings us some pics of Bricks Adventure held in Hong Kong from 12 to 21 January 2011.  I picked 4 pics to showcase, and you can see more in Foto Walker’s Blog

Do share links to blogs that have more Brick Adventure photos k? I’m interested to see what other creations were displayed. I really like the buses btw.  Looks really accurate!

Some MOCs I Like

I’m not sure how it happened, but I now have a huge backlog of MOCs to feature (think it’s due to a huge influx of creations from AFOLs on year-end breaks)…  So many that I can even put them into 3 main classifications – contemporary, historic and mecha/war.  There are a few creations that defy classification tho, and so I decided to clear the backlog by featuring these 1st.


I’ve featured several creations by andybear@hk before, but I think this one tops the others in terms of its massive scale.  Zenko-ji Temple (original is in Nagayo, Japan) is 192×128 studs and will be displayed in Bricks Adventure 2011 (12 to 21 Jan, 2011) in Hong Kong.  You can see more details of Andy’s creation in this EB post.

Btw Bricks Adventure is presented by the War & Adventure Games Society of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and jointly organized by Legend Bricks.  If you are in Hong Kong during this period, why not go and have a look?  For more details, you can visit Bricks Adventure 2011 official website, Flickr Page or Facebook Page.




Ravel by Nannan Z. is a picture puzzle.  Nannan’s creations tend to have a unique style and this one is really a puzzler (I can’t find a better word, umm, brain not working)… you’ll have to examine the creation in detail if you want to get out of the puzzle.  Clues below the pic.

You are a postman who one day wakes up in a mysterious place. What is going on, is it a dream? You come across a signpost in the road. It reads:

Welcome friend to a place called Ravel,
Should you wish to leave; there’s no need to travel.
Open your mind and believe what you see,
Follow my words carefully and you will be free.

Beware the creature chained to the guillotine,
A close encounter, and death he will bring.
He bears your semblance like a deranged twin,
To get past you must slay him from within.

The weapon you seek is neither sword nor spear,
It is rather small and shaped like a sphere.
But judge not this toxic fruit by its size,
The bones of the Great Beast tell no lies.

Finding the exit is your next task,
There’s no gate or portal, so don’t even ask.
Look to the stars and you will find your way,
They light your path as clear as day.

Point the Northern Star southeast,
To the south you will shine the Star of the Northeast
Point the Eastern Star southwest
And the Southwest Star east. (You’re almost done with your quest!)

The obsidian block marks the compass center,
And where the light beams cross, there you will enter.
Pick up the tools once guarded by the creature,
Now dig dig dig your way to departure!

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