Some MOCs I Like

NOTE: Added picture of ‘The LEGO Ideas Book’ out Aug’2011 thanks to killyrbf.  The cover looks fantastic. It’s a must get for me! (Love DK books) 😀


Snowy Visage by Siercon and Coral

Dark Augusto Armageddon-class Mother Ship by jason corlett

B2 – KriegsLäufer by Fredoichi

Life-size Electric Guitar by tkh

St. Philip’s Chapel by LegoLord.

Hogwarts Castle (with Hogsmeade Station) by  Mr Offset 

Un-named Creation by zgrredek

Red Dojo by  ACPin – “In the early spring as the flowers bloom, the preparation for battle looms across the red dojo. Last minute rites are administered by the sensei amongst the most skilled pupils before they go to battle.”

Piano by  marshal banana

Conflict at Noordoostpolder Lock by  Johŋ

Some MOCs I Like

 White Tiger W1T1 RC Tank by  GYUTA

Ghost Recon Future Soldiers by pecovam

hummingbird LARV by The Slushey One

Ambush in Norwegialand! by Pack765 

The Last Outpost by Mя. Soop

Holiday No 0895641 by Karwik

Some MOCs I Like

The Retaking of Outpost LJ-47 by ~Tac~ 

Count Squidula’s Mansion by monstrophonic

Katsumoto by ((Primus))

M4A3E8 Sherman Tank ‘Hunk of Iron’ by [PhiMa]

Tree by Aaron (-_-)

トリウマ by 62778grenouille

The arrival of Saint Nicholas by .eti 

Teahouse by lixia_1982

Nightfury by retinence

And finally, LEGO Chocolate by Little Cute One makes me feel hungry…

Some MOCs I Like

Here are some nice creations for your inspiration. 

King of Diamonds by Marin Stipkovic looks amazing.  Really impressive piece of work.

All The Kings Horses by Shmails is an entry over at Classic Castle’s CCCVIII Pastoral Life Category – I like how the action is represented by splashings in the water.  Personally, I love building competitions… there’s always an outpouring of creative MOCs when there are competitions. 

Wallace & Gromit by  MisaQa is spot on

I like how the LED lighting is used to give a fiery effect… Station on Fire by rack911


For Star Wars fan, here is the Cantina by  Roland :: Nienke


Remember the wall-E I featured the other day? GYUTA wows us next with this One Touch Transformable RC Tank.  According to him “It tranforms with just one touch from a tank to a robot, and vice versa. Also, this vehicle can be driven by LEGO RC controller, whatever its form is, a robot or a tank. If you want to watch the transform process, visit my youtube channel below” (ok, embedded so it’s easier for you) 😉


K, mission accomplished.  Time to play!

Some MOCs I Like

Some mostly cheery MOCs, and a military one. 😉

Mini Castle by bartosza6m


Merstudes 6×6 Heavy-Duty Tipper by Cuahchic


Pumpkin Carving by kennymatic


Stitch by Sir Nadroj


Calvin & Hobbes by New from Dave & John’s briXwerX!


Crimson Permanent Assurance  by gotoAndLego


M3 Half-Track T19 105 mm HMC ‘Fighting Iron’ by [PhiMa]

Some MOCs I Like

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been really busy at work and that means less time on other stuff, blogging included.  I think with my weekend bout of posts I’ve kinda made up for some ‘lost time’, except for featuring MOCs.  Come to think about it, the french mani did help in other ways – since I couldn’t build I had a bit more time to blog over the weekend…

Anyway, quite a number of MOCs that caught my eye these few days.  Here they are:

1st up, a few by psiaki – really impressive village coming up… :

T-Rex & Jeep


Excellent photography of Preserve-O-Matic by powerpig. He built this for Gizmodo’s Food Week and it accompanied an article called 10 Teched-Out Techniques for Saving Food.

Vincent Kessels shares this very impressive layout at Legoworld 2010 by French Lego User Group (FreeLUG).

And last but not least for fans of Halo here is Scorpion Tank by Benny Brickster


I’ve seen some really nice Halloween themed MOCs but am too tired to add them today.  Will do a mass feature soon so stay tuned! 🙂

A Couple of MOCs for Guys…

A few macho macho MOCs to end the week…

MTAC-90i ‘Bison’ by The Brothers Merz looks gorgeous…

Motorcycles by aktuaroslo looks amazingly real…

Voltes V by tkh appears to be not just a nice looking robot… transforming robots are always cool.

Finally, a tank! To be honest tho, while the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System by ShôçkAñdAwé seems to be a nice tank – since I’m not a military weaponary person I’m not sure how accurate it is. But with the initials being MGS, I think it’s a sign that I should be blogging about it. 😛

Some very technical sounding info from its’ creator: “The M1128 is the MGS variant of the Stryker armored vehicle. The M1128 features a M68A1 105mm main cannon, an M2 .50 caliber MG, and a coaxial M240C MG. The principal function of the MGS is to provide rapid and lethal direct fire to support assaulting infantry”.


So there you go, the 1st tank MOC featured. Haha. 😀

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