Some Videos to Enjoy & a bit of News

A collection of designer video for the Maersk Train, LEGO City Space in-store ad, DK video of the world record breaking Star Wars mosiac event last Oct, and a LEGO Comic Builder Demo video.  Hope that’s something for everyone.  Scroll below to see the videos…

Akunthita (aka TheBrickBlogger) shares news of a new FaceBook-like site for LEGO fans. I had a look but since I’m not into FB, I’m not really into the whole concept.  But I can imagine it being popular with FB-ers. Check out Brick to decide yourself. 

Hmm… and Star Wars fans, you may be interested to get a sneak peek at the 2012 Star Wars packaging as reported on Darth Maul looks fierce!

LEGO Designer Video for Maersk Train 10219

LEGO 2011 City Space Ad  

LEGO Comic Builder Demo Video 

DK’s Building the Largest Mosiac in the World 


Sources: Maersk Train video via Eurobricks, LEGO City ad and Comic Builder Demo video from HKTOYSRUS Youtube channel, DK video indirectly via World Records Academy, and Star Wars 2012 box art news read 1st via Eurobricks.

LEGO Themes that you like best?

UPDATE: Oh and almost forgot… City fans may be interested in the new train set reported over at EB: New train revealed, set 3677 – It’s a new cargo train.  Am not too psyched about it what with so many other sets and themes to get this year.


I was looking at the number of clicks today and wondered if the clicks are reflective of the themes that you readers are interested in? If yes, then I guess City fans reign… tho I suppose there is also less interest in POTC sets since the hi-res pics were out some time back… hard to tell.

  1. City gallery – 117
What do you think?

FBTB reports on the 10219 Maersk Train

FBTB reports that the 10219 Maersk Train is a LEGO Shop@Home Exclusive and it was unveiled at LEGO World.  Yay, so it’ll be available for sale after all, and not some limited release like the Vestas set. 🙂

It’ll cost US$119.99/CA$159.99/EUR 119.99 /GBP91.99… so expect some inflated prices when when it hits Singapore’s shores.   This set should be available from Shop@Home and LEGO stores from April 1, 2011. Full details and more pictures are available from FBTB.

Not motorized like the Emerald Night, but of course you can go ahead and add a PF engine yourself.

The highly-realistic Maersk diesel-electric freight train has arrived! A replica of the real engine that operated on the railroads of America, this Maersk train features exceptional detailing and functions, such as opening driver’s cab, removable side panel revealing a detailed, 16-cylinder engine, and authentic Maersk branding. The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing). The set also includes a shunter truck and detachable trailer for loading and offloading the containers. Add LEGO® Power Functions accessories to motorize!

• Includes 3 workman minifigures!
• Train measures 36″ (92cm) long!
• Building instructions include a historical description of the LEGO Group/A.P. Moller Maersk Group cooperation and a timeline of the products launched!
• Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!
• Motorize your Maersk train by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10V DC, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver, 8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control and 88002 Power Functions Train Motor!

Featuring John’s LEGOville

UPDATE: Anyone interested to have me visit and blog about their collection?  Castles, pirates, Star Wars, Harry Potter all also can?  I’ll draw the line at Duplo & Ben 10, but otherwise, am quite happy to visit… I’ll even bring oranges until the 15th day of the CNY… offers anyone?? 😀


During the chinese new year, it’s customary to visit relatives and friends (i.e. 拜年 pronounced “bai nian”).  This year, I was very happy to take this opportunity to visit a good friend and AFOL’s house to 拜年 and to visit his LEGOville.  I asked for permission to blog about it so here it is… 😛

Btw, it’s my first attempt at outline cropping and it’s really hard!!  Is there some shortcut to do this? 😦 

Here are some other views/buildings in his LEGOville: 


Yep, the train runs thru it
Tram stop
I think that’s his City/Town Hall in the middle
Modular cinema
Monorail station
Train station
City Bank (with interiors complete with queuing customers)
Amusement park
Why is there a smurf taking a nap here?
Lighted hotel sign!
John’s house in LEGO form

And since I couldn’t take decent pics of his LEGOville lighted up in the day, I ‘borrowed’ a pic from his Facebook: 😛  It was taken earlier so tram station and tower bridge wasn’t up yet.

What do you think about John’s LEGOville?  His previous LEGOville had many more trains and monorails running within and around the layout, but this time there is some space constraint unfortunately.  Here is his previous layout (sorry about the poor video quality… that was with a lousy phone camera… thanks to legofan from s0937 forum for posting this):

Some MOCs I Like

Awful lot of backlog from the past 2 weeks… so no time to sort by theme, I’ll just post them out whenever I’ve prepped up a batch.

(WIP) The Great Gate of Minas Tirith by Pate-keetongu 

The Fort as Isla D’Or by 2 Much Caffeine

“Feed ’em to the Sarlacc Fish!” is another nice creation by 2 Much Caffeine

Un-named Ship by EB Perfectionist

LEGO Restaurant Modular Building by BrickCityDepot

Beetles by Dr Mobius & Lino M 

(WIP) Lima Superpower by SavaTheAggie

1:13 Peterbilt 359 towing truck with old-style Holmes 750 machinery by Maciej D.  See the set description for more details

Etude in Water and Go West Young Fig by tsimon08 there’s something incomplete about both creations, but I do like some of the flora n landscaping techniques employed and so I decided to feature them after some consideration. 

Riverside Fire Chief Pinewood Derby Edition 2 by V&A Steamworks

New Exclusive Set: 10219 Maersk Train

UPDATE ON 18 Feb: It’s an official set! Read more in this new post!

UPDATE ON 3 Feb: New pics found by EB’s Bachus.  You can read more from this thread.

Brickset brings us news of a new exclusive set 10219 “Maersk train set, consisting of a Maersk liveried locomotive, container flats and container handling vehicle, at“.  Looks good huh?  Discuss and read more about it at Brickset.

Some MOCs I Like

Decided to clear my backlog of MOCs to feature by starting with ‘contemporary’, since I found another 2 that I like today.  Both feature the use of custom decals that look good.  Kinda inspiring. 🙂

LEGO Newsstand by lgorlando – haven’t seen any new buildings from him for a while. Hope won’t have to wait too long for the next one!

Red Box DVD rental & Pepsi Vending Machine by tehLEGOman 

Volkswagen Kombi/Samba Van by Bruno Vaiano

Huis Ter Djik by Nieks G.

LEGO Carry Case by houghster on flickr is a Christmas present for his daughter.  It’s a really lovely present huh?  The best use of the carry case I’ve seen so far. 🙂

Fallingwater by Spencer_R, a microscale-version of architecture set 21005

New York Central M-497 by Aleksander Stein looks amazingly like the real thing.  Read more in his Flickr account.

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