LEGO-fy your computer

Here’s another product if you’ll like to be surrounded by studs…

Taiwan’s Coobeeo has released a LEGO-ish casing for PC called ‘HELLO-Q’.  As you can see from the pics you have some options to personalise it.

And with my limited chinese, here’s my best attempt at translating the item description from the Coobeeo site without resorting to Google Translate: 

品 名 型 號 /Product Name : HELLO-Q   顏 色 /Colour : 黑/粉紅/粉藍/白 (Black/Pink/Baby blue/White)
尺 寸 /Dimensions : 450mm (長 /length) x 200mm (寬 /width) x 410mm (高 /height)
內 部 構 造 / Internal Config: 二 大 二 小 (two big, two small) (?what does that mean?)
電 源 供 應 器 位 置 /location of power plug/supply (?) : 後 置 (behind)  
前 置 連 接 埠 /front attachments : USB x 2 AUDIO      
主 機 板 規格 : ATX M/B或 Micro ATX M/B


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LEGO Shopping in Taipei

Finally got some 2011 sets over in Taipei from 東 東 玩 具 城 (Dong Dong Wan Ju Cheng).  It’s the 2nd time I’m visiting this toy store in Taipei (1st visited the store in 2010).   Found the store after doing a bit of research on Taiwan stores and prices last year and think this store offers fairly good discounts.  Unfortunately there are no old/vintage sets in this store. 😦

Was actually quite crowded when I went on Saturday afternoon.  Details (& I added some english translations for the benefit of non-chinese readers):

 (Dong Dong Wan Ju Cheng)
Address/店 址:台北市大同區太原路54號
Operating Hours: 門市營業時間 : 早上10點 ~ 晚上9點 <<全年無休>> / 10 am to 9 pm (no rest days)
Telephone: 門市聯絡電話:(02) 2556-1661  分機號碼/ext 11
Internet Customer Service: 網路客服專線:(02) 2556-1661  分機號碼/ext: #36、#33 或撥總機/or #9 
( 客服時間/Telephone operating hours : 週一至週六 /Mon-Sat AM 10:00 ~ PM 17:00 , 其餘時間請多利用客服中心留言! 謝謝您~!/Leave message during non-operating hours ) 
Fax/ 傳 真:(02)2558-6536
Website/ 網 址:東東玩具城.tw
<– Shows the price of the sets, good to check and do some computations before you go down (^_^)

 Taxi isn’t expensive in Taiwan, so that’s how I travelled to the store.  I wasn’t sure how well known the street is tho so I printed the address and info stated on this webpage to show to the taxi driver.  It’s actually walking distance to the Taipei Train Station.

Saw the Star Wars, Ninjago, Creator & City Police sets but only got some City Police and Creator sets after some quick computations and checking against the Singapore prices.  Plus I had to factor how many sets I can carry back of course.  Also got 2 (small) Nanoblock sets – there is actually quite an extensive range in the store (almost as good as the selection I saw in Japan).

I even became a store member.  See, store members get 25% off the retail price vs 21% for non-members.  Membership costs NT50 so if you intend to buy more than NT1,300 of toys it’s probably worth applying for membership.  According to the friendly store owners, loads of Singapore and Malaysia customers visit their store.

The set release timings are similar to Singapore e.g. Pharoah’s Quest in March and the new Creator white house and lighthouse in June. 

I think I’ll also visit a Toysrus on Sunday and see if there are any special offers (I brought my Star Card along of course).  List of Toysrus in Taiwan can be found on the website.  Not sure which outlet is better to visit tho… just going to try my luck.  More on that experience and department store shopping in another post.

Sorry about the poor picture quality… pics taken with iPhone (which doesn’t have optical image stabiliser) 😛

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