Mini modulars vs mini modulars

I just started building my 10230 Mini Modulars this evening (yep, Valentines Day present!) and suddenly recalled another non-official mini modulars that I featured some time back.

Before TLG introduced their version of the mini modulars this year, Lisqr already had his own version back in Jan 2011: (read more about Lisqr’s version HERE)

Versus the TLG version: (read more about TLG’s version HERE)

10230 Mini Modulars - front measure


Overall, I do think the official version has managed to cram more details from the original sets, but brownie points to Lisqr for including vehicles and roads into his creation.



Some MOCs I Like

Here we go, as usual do click on the links below for close-ups k?

Some MOCs I Like

Gosh, so many new MOCs that I like. Thought I’d better clear some backlog of MOCs I like before I start on another batch.

As usual, do click on these links to see more: 🙂

LEGO Exhibit & Sale by Singapore AFOL

I was flipping thru the papers looking for sales (erm, to plan where to shop over the weekend, haha), and came across this newspaper article in the Life! section of The Straits Times, the local newspaper.  So if you are an AFOL in Singapore and planning what to do over the weekend, you can consider to pop by the John Erdos Art gallery @ Dempsey Road.

Where: John Erdos Art, 6B Dempsey Road
When: Till 15th May, daily from 10am till 6pm
Admission: Free
Info: Call 6735 5130

If you want to read the article, do pop by the John Erdo’s website that has a scanned copy of the newspaper article from the Straits Times.

Some MOCs I like

Some MOCs I Like

Hi! Here are some MOCs I like from Flickr to share. I’ve been extremely busy unfortunately… so still only able to do some ad-hoc blogging when I’ve a bit of time.  😦

My Flickr Favourites

I’m not sure  how many of you have been looking at my sidebar to check out the MOCs on Flickr that I’ve been bookmarking, so here’s a feature of all165 MOCs I like…

UPDATE: If you’ll like to see more, do click on this LINK that will bring you to my Flickr favourites to see the creations in large format. (^_^)

As for what I used to do… i.e. feature the MOCs I like weekly or so, after giving it some thought, I think I’ll continue bookmarking, supplemented by periodic posts.  Think I’m a lot more diligent in bookmarking compared to posting cos it’s really so effortless to bookmark compared to downloading and then attaching the pics to create a new post. 

Thoughts? Comments?

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