Should I continue getting Architecture sets?

I got all of the 1st wave, and some of the 2nd.  But I have to admit that I’ve kinda fallen behind.  Been wondering if I should get the entire collection just so I don’t regret it down the road when… when I figure that I finally like the sets I guess.  I mean, after renovating my place and learning more about architecture, I can see how a standalone display of all the Architecture sets encased in a block of specially constructed glass shelves would look pretty great. Kinda cool in a geeky way not that I know how I will actually be able to afford a house with the space or even to construct a display like what I envision…

Decisions, decisions…

Anyways, Toys N Bricks reports two new Architecture sets:

  • LEGO Vila Savoy Paris 21014 (MSRP: $69.99 USD)
  • LEGO Eames House 21015 (MSRP: $59.99 USD)

Which is making me seriously consider getting the entire range (I am a completist, really).

You have to read this post to understand why: Lego® Replicas Of Eames, Corbusier and Michelle Kaufmann Homes

New sets: 10224 Town Hall & 21102 Minecraft

I guess most fans have heard about these 2 upcoming sets for some time now (especially for those who were following the adventures of the one lucky fan who got to build the upcoming modular set weeks ago…), but it’s always nice to have good quality press release pics to salivate over.

I’ll leave you to read the official press release and see the other official pics here:

I am somewhat sad to finally see the official measurements for the Town Hall. It’s 50cm high! Which means… my display shelves are not high enough to accommodate the latest modular set.  And since my customized shelves cannot be modified (they are bolted to the wall! wahhhhh), I guess I’ll just have to modify the set when I finally get it.

For the benefit of those of you who will be getting customized display shelves, here are the heights of the modular buildings released so far, from the shortest to the tallest…

  • 10218 Pet Shop: 10.5″ (26.5cm)
  • 10190 Market Street: 13″” (33 cm)
  • 10197 Fire Brigade: 14″ (35 cm)
  • 10185 Green Grocer: 14″ (35cm)
  • 10182 Cafe Corner: 14″ (36 cm)
  • 10211 Grand Emporium: 15″ (38 cm)
  • 10224 Town Hall: 20” (50 cm)

Bases are 10″ (25.5) x 10″ (25.5) cm… and do leave space for future expansion of course.

IMO the pic looks weird with the Pet Shop being so much shorter… the Fire Brigade isn’t pictured, which probably means imminent EOL (end of life).

And enjoy the (original) video, and the rare lady designer being featured. 🙂


UPDATE: In case TLG comes yanking this video as well, here are the screenshots from FBTB that has everyone aflutter about the cute 10225 R2-D2 and possibly 10228 Haunted House.

Mini modulars vs mini modulars

I just started building my 10230 Mini Modulars this evening (yep, Valentines Day present!) and suddenly recalled another non-official mini modulars that I featured some time back.

Before TLG introduced their version of the mini modulars this year, Lisqr already had his own version back in Jan 2011: (read more about Lisqr’s version HERE)

Versus the TLG version: (read more about TLG’s version HERE)

10230 Mini Modulars - front measure


Overall, I do think the official version has managed to cram more details from the original sets, but brownie points to Lisqr for including vehicles and roads into his creation.



EB’s Harry Potter Winter Break Contest

Think this blog has been too wordy recently, so more pics and less words for the next few days. 😛 

Luckily, there are loads of great MOCs I want to feature, starting with EB’s Harry Potter Winter Break Contest that has loads of great entries as you can see below.  And these are just the ones that I like (ha, very hard to decide where to give the 5 points).  If you’ll like to see more Harry Potter locations in brick form, do pop by EB.

UPDATE: I’m  not sure how I missed this amazing entry by Jalkow, but here is The Magical Tent:

Number 93 Diagon Alley by Clark

Bathilda Bagshot’s House by Clone O’Patra

Godric’s Hollow Church by Cutlass Iz

Dervish & Banges by Dix

Azkaban Mass Breakout by lisqr

Slug and Jiggers
 by Erynlasgalen

Hogs Head Inn by maydayartist

The Lovegood Home by mcfarlandman

The Three Broomsticks Inn by Mr.Brick

Flourish & Blotts by Oky Wan Kenobi

Muggle Entrance to the Ministry of Magic by yatkuu

Ministry of Magic by Sirius Black

Japanese 8×8 Town

Since I can’t read japanese, the best I can guess is that these were created (?) during the “FLC(Fujiyama Lego Camp 2010)”.  LEGO camp?  The Japanese AFOLs met for a camp?  Anyway I thought the little town is very cute.  You can see more in this Brickshelf folder.

Sourcelegoblog via  LEGO Kei

Free Download of Marcos Bessa’s Models

Update: I don’t know why, but I can’t link the pics to the websites.  So to be clear, you have to go to his blog to download the files (LINK HERE) and to Flickr to see the rest of his portfolio (LINK HERE)


Remember Marcos Bessa? (Yep, he has become a LEGO Designer – read HERE).  The good news is that he has kindly put up his LDD files on his blog so you can now download for free his digital creations here from his blog.

I also just notice that Marcos shared his portfolio created in July 2010 for the LEGO Designer position.  Here’s a sample:

Nice huh? More in Marcos Bessa’s Flickr.

Micro Modular Street

Lisqr from EB has a great solution to his problem… in Lisqr’s words: “It’s too late and too expensive for me to collect all 5 modular buildings now. So my solution...”

Looks fantastic huh?  I would love to have the modulars in micro-scale too.  😀

Close-ups of each of the modular buildings in this EB thread.

P.S.  Nope not in the queue of MOCs I wanted to feature.  They were so cute I felt like blogging them immediately, and so I did.  Besides I know there must be many modular fans here. 😉

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