Building Tips & Fun Stuff on

I’ve been exploring the site and wanted to share some discoveries…

1. Creator Building Tips – Really cool tips from some of your favourite designers can be found using the link below. Being more of a City gal I especially like the tips for corner doors, sliding doors, making furniture, fireplace… (k, you get the idea) but vehicle and creature tips are also available.

LINK: Creator Building Tips

2. City Downloads – Think the printable coloring sheets and join the dots activity sheets would be good for kids?

LINK: City Downloads

3. Star Wars Fun – Of course I would mention Star Wars.  Loads of comics and movies (you must have seen the latest being circulated around fan sites…) can be viewed from the SW site.  A must for any SW fan.

LINK: Star Wars Movie & Comics

4. Collectible Minifigs – I find the masks, games & movies interesting.

LINK: Collectible Minifig Masks   /   Collectible Minifig Games /  Movies

That’s all… loads of games but I didn’t feel up to trying… if you know/come across other cool stuff on the LEGO site, do share by leaving a comment k? 

Click HERE to select the product page you want to visit.

P.S. Ran into some technical problems while trying to insert pics (to jazz up this post) so… I give up… am gonna play with some real life bricks now. 😛

9 Responses to Building Tips & Fun Stuff on

  1. Mond2 says:

    This one is cute too…
    Jing jing jing… jing jing jing… 3 more to collect… >p

  2. wongkw says:

    I have been collecting the Monthly Mini Builds instructions since August this year, anyone can share the earlier ones?

  3. walsh klien says:

    cool thanks for sharing these links, manage to get some ideas for my future project on making an interior for my Cafe Corner =)

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