Making the Most of Your Comments

I really appreciate comments. Not least because I feel less like I’m blogging to a wall… There are other things as well like some really useful tips (like the on-going discussion around lighting up displays, and places to shop for LEGO in Singapore) and links (like those addictive videos of modular buildings) that some of you have left.  Plus I like to see/read the interaction between readers.

There are some stuff that you can do in the comments box that I wanted to share.  💡

1. Inserting Smilies

2. Inserting a Youtube Video

To embed a YouTube video into a comment, simply grab a single URL/permalink of any YouTube video and paste it directly into your comment text:

3. Inserting a Poll

To embed a PollDaddy poll into a comment, simply grab a single URL/permalink of any poll found on PollDaddy Answers and paste it directly into your comment text:

Ok, hope to see some the info put to some use.  I shall try diversifying my smilies range too. Like now… 8)

❗  Spam filter has been enabled, so your comment may be held until I’ve gone in to approve it. Don’t let that stop you from posting k?  I usually get around to the pending comments in less than a day.

Source: WordPress support – comments / smilies

6 Responses to Making the Most of Your Comments

  1. that’s the trouble with own hosted blogs – they do tend to get a bit isolated unlike the social networks and forums; but those tend to get flooded with non-relevant stuff.

    funny you should mention lighting – I was only just looking at these

    it’s a shame about the price but the lighting kits are quite cheap so I’m really quite tempted.
    I wish TLG would release proper new lamps though.

  2. amodularlife says:

    Well, no aim to be a forum as such. Just much more fun for me personally to have more comments.

    I recall seeing such lamp posts earlier… finally found them. It’s in this post’s commentary ( ).

    In essence…
    US$12 for one standalone LED lamp post or US$2 for a lamp post

  3. walshklien says:

    I like the standalone LED lamp post… clean wiring =)

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