My Modular City House

I decided some time back that I’ll have a new street with modernish and slightly shorter buildings (approx 25 bricks tall) unlike those modulars like Green Grocer. 

So the new City range of sets that I’ll be modularising will belong to that street, more of the new town area vs old town concept.  Another distinguishing feature is that the street lamp posts will be the modern type.  Continuing the new town street (1st was Pizza Corner), I’ve modularised the 8403 City House. 

So the official set looks like this:

And my version looks like this:

Features from the original set retained includes the roof, the porch (although redesigned to have front door porch as well as back porch), garden… well, pretty much most of the basics.  I tweaked the windows on 1st and 2nd floor to become bay windows so the house facade is not so flat, and also built in a little balcony on the rooftop.

But a first a little house tour from minifig perspective shall we? 🙂

Looking into the garden from the street…

Ooooh, is that someone sunbathing? For some voyeuristic fun…

Ha, ok, moving on to the house proper, step into the doorway and we see… hmm, just a shelf and a place to eat…

But turn to your left, and you spot the latest 52 inch hi-def, 3D TV… ahhhh…

So the kitchen is fairly compact, just a sink, stove and a bar counter.

And from the bottom we can just make out the back door that leads to the back porch. Notice that in this pic I switched the location of the fence and stairs from the side. The fence has been purposely built for the entrance/stairs to be easily switchable from the side to the back in case future neighbours come into the neighbourhood and the garden has to be either demolished or moved to the back of the house.

Ok, 1st floor almost done, let’s head back into the house (yeah, still no tiles for floor tiling but found some floor mats so dirt dun get trampled into the house 🙂 ):

On the 2nd floor, really not much going on so just a bed, lamp and a computer table:

The 3rd floor has a small balcony for evening drinks and to enjoy the breeze. Interiors not furnished, or not exactly anyway, I’m using it to store extra sofa and lamp – you’ll see in overhead shots later. 😛


Ok, so that concludes the house tour. Hope you liked it!

Not the end of course, I took the mandatory front, back, side, and overhead shots:

And all together now…

And the front & back shots:

I’ve designed the floors so that they can be stacked front-to-back and to be a 2 storey house as well (just for fun!):

And my current modern street looks like this:

Or this:

Hope you like my street. 🙂

To see my other modular creations, click here:  🙂

10 Responses to My Modular City House

  1. cocomo says:

    This is very nice!!

  2. wee chong says:

    This is a really beautiful lego sets. I have been a fan for city theme products e.g. houses, flats. But mostly are pretty expensive…

  3. hedgehog says:

    nice street!

    the city house white fences certainly looks better..

    you can insert the pizza house in between some of your modulars… market street, or green grocer…
    a couple of city houses (creator sets) and u have a little neighbourhood.

    thanks for sharing.. good work 🙂

  4. Jonathan Lum says:

    I like yours much better … in fact, I LOVE IT !!!! Great Work, yet again !!!!

  5. amodularlife says:

    Thanks Cocomo, Wee Chong, Hedgehog & Jonathan. (^_^)

    Hedgehog: Mmm… more thinking along the lines of making more modular buildings but yeah, that’s the idea… my very own table town!

    Wee Chong: I think money is hard to earn, but then life is short and unpredictable. End of the day no point to work so hard without some fun in life… so if money has to be spent… anyway Lego is really lasting and maybe can even leave to next generation. Maybe get at sale? Metro still having 20% off now I think.

    LOL. Sudden thought: The recipient of my Lego ‘inheritance’ will probably wonder what to do with so many bricks! Imagine the will being read by the lawyer… “and the Lego collection goes to [insert] name, and grandma hopes he/she will have many happy hours playing with them. ” Kinda morbid… must be late at night so mind is tired and cannot control weird thoughts! =P

    • walsh klien says:

      and the Lego collection goes to ‘walshklien’… hahaha I don’t mind inheriting all your bricks! =P

    • wee chong says:


      I agree with you that lego can pass on the next generation, and is very durable. I have really old set of lego e.g. crane with metal hook, very vintage! love it!

      really appreciate you posting so many useful lego information especially the part on the retail shops. I gonna start my purchases from these store before it is too late. My first few “targets” will be set no. 6117, 6119, flowers, plants, trees, fences… the list goes on!


      • amodularlife says:

        No prob. Sounds like you are a city fan? I would suggest getting the fire brigade from ToysHunt member offer of $239.90. Modulars r really good for learning new building techniques as well as being beautiful. Prob more windows than roof tiles? As for plants and trees I think the best option is from bricklink. Btw metro still has 20% off and simply toys also have offer. Good luck and happy hunting!

  6. walsh klien says:

    Very well done and nice. You have made the set look way so much nicer than it is =D

  7. Tony says:

    Hi, just curiosity, did you add some extra blocks from other models to build, or were you able to complete them by using the blocks that came along with the 8403 model. Thanks!

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