What will you get if you go to the USA?

Seems like I will be going to the USA soon for a business trip, and I was wondering what people would buy if they have the chance to go to a Lego store there (or is able to have some online shopping shipped to the hotel)?  Apart from the polybags, I’m not sure if the biggish boxes are worth the trouble of lugging back if I get 20% off all year round anyway (hey, I’m predicting a heavy enough luggage from all the clothes and shoes shopping there…)?

To be honest the latest modular Cinema set was my 1st choice until I realised that it’s finally in Singapore this week. I’ve gotten all the earlier exclusives so those are out too… since I really don’t want to come back and then wanna tear my hair out from not buy set XXXXX, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! An advance thanks! 🙂


11 Responses to What will you get if you go to the USA?

  1. xcarpathia says:

    You lucky fella.
    I would spend all my dough on Lego.. hot wheels . Maybe sideshow collectibles but those are huge . Might be hard to carry. You should browse though target. .kmart and tru for exclusives toy releases also

    • amodularlife says:

      @xcarpathia: Well, being a female AFOL, I do have many other ways to spend my dough. Clothes, shoes (not so much bags since Europe would be the ‘bags’ destination) and perhaps jewellery. 🙂

  2. sherlocksam says:

    I don’t have any specific sets for you, but know that Wal-Mart and Target stores often have sets at ridiculously low prices. I once brought two entire suitcases full of really, really cheap LEGOs back from the US.

  3. @Karen_Fu says:

    Sherlocksam, what kind of Lego sets did you get? And how big is the price gap as compared to what we get in Singapore ?

  4. Per says:

    Hit up the pick a brick walls for sure. I live in Taiwan, but I’m going to visit my parents back in the USA in August. I have about $2000 USD worth of LEGO’s that I have slowing been accumulating at their house. I can’t wait to load up a couple suitcase and bring them back to Taiwan!

  5. 316danny says:

    The USA is very large. Where are you planning on going? Much of this depends on what (if any) official LEGO stores are going to be near where you’re going.

  6. Jobsey says:

    I recently had a holiday at hawaii and focused mainly on the modular sets and bought the Simpsons, town hall, Parisian restaurant and grand emporium. However to get such big sets u unfortunately have to dispose of the box! So keep that in mind. And also keep in mind that weight wise you should be ok as I think u can check in 60kg of luggage. And lastly those sets I’ve mentioned you can probably only get them at lego stores. Hope that helps!

  7. Any official LEGO stores are going to be near in NYC? Will go next month. Hope helps!

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