Pirate of the Caribbean set reviews

These are too good not to share, but before I start, some pics to whet your appetite.

Tempted yet? Ha, thought so.  You can head over to these links:

No idea where Versen got the sets from, and I couldn’t understand the review but great pics! 🙂

Via The Ugly Duckling

Exclusive keychain with new edition of LEGO Collector’s Guide

Got an email today all in German, but here’s the Google translated text, with the paragraph about the exclusive keychain bolded:

LEGO Collector – 2 Edition – with exclusive key ring – Pre-order now

We are delighted you to the upcoming second edition of the successful LEGO announce Collector’s Guide.

The new, improved and expanded catalog offers the new, have appeared since the previous edition, sets many new information. Content was discussed in more detail the early years of the LEGO story of how the stone of the LEGO was that now every child knows. With over 900 pages of the catalog holds information and images available to more than 9,000 Lego sets.

Each LEGO Collector’s Guide is an exclusive LEGO key chain, which is available only in this way. The sophisticated packaging of the key fob makes the product a real eye-catcher.

Here are the facts of the new catalog:

– LEGO ® Collector second Edition – Catalog of all LEGO ® kits – from the beginning till today
– Release date: end of April 2011
– Compact Edition A5 Soft Cover
– Approximately 9,000 objects collected on more than 900 pages;

With exclusive, strictly limited edition key chain in fine packaging.

Note: If you wish to purchase only this article, you order it directly and most delivery charges to free http://www.fantasiaverlag.de

ISBN: 978-3-935976-64-0

Expected to be available from 04.29.2011

Order now, delivery of complete order will be immediately upon publication of the article.


UPDATE:  It took a while to load, but here is the link to the pre-order site:  http://www.fantasia-design.de/shop/index.php?cat=c32_Lego.html – since shipping to Singapore is a prohibitively expensive EUR36, I’ll wait for it to be available on Amazon or Book Depository.


Since I liked the 1st edition, I will probably get this as well.  Plus I collect keychains anyway, and can always make room for a new exclusive keychain, though I have no idea what it’ll look like.

Here’s the German text:

Stuff I’ve Been Reading & Tweaks to the Blog

A bit of lull now that most of the 2011 sets are known… what’s left?  There’s the rumoured 2011 modular building that we are all waiting for of course (which I’ve heard would be 10218 Pet Shop), and the TRU exclusives, 2011 winter theme set, 2011 large scale set (would it be the Sydney Opera House?), some of the Cars sets, and… hmm… would there be a Star Wars UCS set as well?  In any case, my wallet is going to sustain heavy damage in the next few months….

So just some bits of stuff I’ve read today which you may find interesting:

I’ve also made some tweaks to the blog… some new links to blogs I read on the right, and the biggest change is the Flickr feed… I’ve changed it to the MOCs I like on Flickr instead (the link to Flickr’s LEGO group can now be found under ‘communities’).  

One last thing, I was just thinking about whether I am supposed to respond to all comments, and/or how timely I am supposed to respond, etc when I saw this post on comment etiquette by the WordPress team.  Hmm, doesn’t actually answer my question, so my decision is… to procrastinate till I’m in a good mood… which may take a while with all the work stress, but I think I will get there, eventually. 😛

Book Review of Badass LEGO Guns

Quick one… Found this book review of Badass LEGO Guns. Not a book I’ll get but guess some of you guys might/already have? 🙂

Link to book review

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2011 Spring Star Wars Sets Review

Over in Singapore we are still a few more weeks/days to getting our 2011 sets.  To keep the fire going, we could continue gawking at set reviews I guess… 

Btw, if you haven’t read FBTB’s great article about the upcoming Star Wars Miniland in LEGOLAND California, you should.  Oh, and this is my favourite pic among those featured: 

For my AFOL friends who are into Star Wars. 😉

Minifig Series 3 Review & Codes

Update again on 31 Dec: Improved dot codes from eclipseGrafx posted.  I’ve replaced the code sheet on this post but the one from pharmjod is still available in his Flickr account.

Update again on 29 Dec: Just remember the ‘feel’ guide on figuring out the minifig by touch in my previous post HERE.  Anyway I’ve copied below for easy reference all in one page.  Happy hunting.

Update on 29 Dec: Buyers from USA and Europe are reporting different distribution of minifigs for boxes.  Instead of 2 fishermen and 5 aliens as initially reported, they now have 4 fishermen and 3 aliens.  Sounds like great news for non-space collectors like me.  Fingers crossed on the Singapore distribution! 

Read more from Brickset: http://www.brickset.com/news/article/?ID=1072


Whitefang from EB (he’s a Singaporean, did you know?) brings us a superb review of 8803 Collectible Minifig Series 3.  You can read the EB Review HERE or see more pics in his Flickr account HERE.

Gotten your sets yet?  Singapore stores should be bringing in this set along with new 2011 sets in Jan 2011 (mid-Jan from what I heard), so time to start saving! 

EB will probably be starting a Series 3 contest soon, so it’s not too early to get your creative juices flowing (and start ordering parts from Bricklink) if you have some great ideas. 😉

Need the dot codes? Improved one from pharmjod is available on his Flickr account. Further improved one by eclipseGrafx  is available on his Flickr account.

Originally blogged in this post on 19 Nov:  Via Brothers Brick, I found out that SEALUG member J Junker posted a great guide to figuring out which minifig is in the bag by feeling for specific elements. If the dots are as hard to feel as those who have felt it described, best to check that you got the minifig you wanted.  Based on series 1 & 2, there should be different dot patterns for Europe & Asia, so do take note that this is for the USA packaging.  The parts won’t change tho, so for those who are good at this…

Gorilla – it’s best to find the banana. Be careful though, the Pilot has goggles that can feel like a banana.

Pilot – feel for the backpack/parachute (and the goggles there’s an indentation in the middle that the banana doesn’t have).

Racecar Driver – feel for all 3 of these, head, helmet & hair. He’s the only guy with all 3.  Finding the visor helps too.

Samurai – if you find the sword, that’s the best. He’s also got an ‘armor’ chest piece that’s unique.  It collapses inward when you squeeze it from front to back.

Rapper – feel for the mic, and his hat brim is curved. Careful not to mistake for the Hula Girl… She has 2 maracas that feel like the mic.

Hula Girl – finding both maracas is the best. The hair also feels different, since it’s designed to be in the front and back. Easy to confuse with the Rapper by feel and dots.

Indian Chief – the headdress is pretty easy to feel.  It’s very big.

Baseball Player – the bat is a dead giveaway. One of the easiest to feel.

The Mummy – the dots are very easy to spot on this one. Really the best way to feel this one is to find the scorpion.

Sumo Wrestler – another where the dots help quite a bit. I only felt the trophy one time, so I ended up feeling for the ball of hair on top of his head the most.

Alien – the head has the 2 distinct spheres. I almost always felt the beam from the gun as well. Dots are good for this one too.

Space Pirate (Cyborg) – easy to confuse with the race car driver. If you can find his robot hand, that’s the best. Remember that both the alien and this guy have a ray coming from their gun (the gun: which is also a good way to narrow it down to one of the 2).

Tennis Player – the racket is the tell tell here.

Elf (Legolas) – I felt the back if the shield on the first one, but found the bow & arrow easiest from then on out.

Snowboarder – the snow board is as easy as the surfboard and skateboard were to feel. Both ends curve up.

The Fisherman – the fish is easy to feel, plus the rope on the fishing pole is very different than anything else since it’s ’soft’.

NinjaGo Set Reviews

Still undecided about the new NinjaGo theme?  Perhaps a few set reviews to make up your mind? 

The good folks at EB have had a head start on the theme (the 2011 sets are not in Singapore stores yet! Grrrr), and some AFOLs kindly started on set reviews so do click on the links below and have a look.

Good news for sticker haters, the windows with the words “Ninja” in Japanese (?Actually all the words looks like Chinese to me and I can read them, am not sure if it’s written the same way in traditional Japanese?) are printed and not stickers.  The rest of the parts with prints look like stickers from the sticker sheet spotted in the review.  I do see windows without the words being a lot more useful for MOC-ing tho, eg. for Japanese/Korean/Chinese MOCs.  With the words printed on the windows… am not so sure, may actually sit most of this theme out.

And I’ve no use for the cards at all too… understandably, this theme is meant for kids and not AFOLs, and I’m guessing the beyblade like spinning stuff and fighting cards would appeal to kids.  I may get all 4 dragons in this series tho. I like how they look, very fierce and no stickers and cards from the look of things (at least not in the ice dragon set).

Pics from Brickset

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