Lego City MOC and techniques

Came across a couple of MOC in the past 2 days that taught me new stuff I think I could apply in my own Lego town.

First, a hotel room interior by NewRight that at first glance I thought was a real room. Hey, it was a thumbnail view on Flickr k? 😛

Next, I like the pipes in this vignette of waste collector by Ezechielle from EB (link here).

I also like the idea of using the T-junction road plates for other purposes as Bachus, also from EB, has shared (link here). He even did a step-by-step to show how it’s done, so nice!

[Side complaint: I really can’t stand how TLG insists on packing straight plates with others – evil ploy to make us buy more??].

One Response to Lego City MOC and techniques

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    Same opinion … at 1st glance, I thought it was a real room !!!

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