Harry Potter 2010 Set Reviews

Update: Just thought of something… Guys, do you think your other half might get tempted by HP sets to get into the Lego hobby with you? (always helpful if your other half supports your hobby, even better if they share the same interest!)

I find the HP sets really appealing cos I loved the books, not sure if it’s just me, generally a gal thing, or guys also find HP sets appealing to them… How about the ladies reading this? Do HP sets appeal to you or you find them bleh?


To pass time while waiting for the October release of Harry Potter sets, why not head over to EB and read some of the set reviews (tbh, not that helpful cos they mostly make you want the sets MORE).

Not a HP fan? Well you can also have a look at the wonderful printed tiles and parts that can be used for MOC…

The other 3 sets? Hmm, am keeping a lookout for them too. Especially The Burrows… will update this post so keep checking back!

In case you missed my earlier posts:

I realised I haven’t posted the box art before, so here they are…

6 Responses to Harry Potter 2010 Set Reviews

  1. OCK says:

    i’m not a fan of harry potter but the 4842 looks interesting to me….tarazz was quoting the pricce at abt 30++ less than BW. hmm…hmm…no no..i’m not saying i am getting..

  2. Juliana says:

    I’m currently reading the last HP book (Deathly Hallows) and I don’t really see the connection of the above sets with the upcoming last HP movie?? 😛

    For me I’m fortunate that my other half approves of my toy hobby but I won’t let him get into it. One person being deeply ‘posioned’ is bad enough, much less 2 of us. One strict criteria for being my other half is that he can not be a toy collector like me. Other than the ‘poison’, there’s mainly room in the home for my collection only! 😀

  3. wongkw says:

    According to Brickset, there is an alternate build instructions for 4840, but I cannot find the link to it. Any idea?

  4. Benny says:

    I like Harry potter

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