Try the new free LEGO Ninjago game on iPhone

The latest Ninjago themed release is available for download free from the Apple app store, and is really not too shabby for a free game… that is, until you are asked to scan barcodes.

No, not kidding, you are supposed to look for sets containing certain weapons or parts and scan their barcodes.  I suppose that’s why it’s called LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt huh?  Not so fun when you don’t have all the sets lying around tho.  If this game does take off, I predict lots of little kids (and some embarrassed adults) standing around the LEGO aisles furiously jabbing at their iPhones.

Here are some screen shots.

Happy playing!

61 Responses to Try the new free LEGO Ninjago game on iPhone

  1. Patty says:

    Hi there! Just want to say I really like reading your blog! I’m an AFOL as well. This isn’t really a comment about the ninjago app but wanted to share a link with you about the upcoming royal wedding that you can share on your blog!

  2. walsh klien says:

    Interesting way of marketing their products. Whoever thought of this idea is quite ingenious =)

  3. kelvin255 says:

    Cute app! Now waiting for websites to post the barcode images or numbers. 😉

  4. Katie says:

    We just got an ipod touch, which I assume will work with this. We might give it a try.

  5. dawgman20 says:

    you can get all the barcodes here:

    just search for ninjago, click on a set and the barcodes are at the bottom of the page.

  6. Anonymous says:

    how do you select a quest on the story mode menu

  7. Ninja Neil says:

    I am a practicing Ninja, I took my 7 year old son to a toy shop and he wanted a Ninjago Lego figure so I brought one for him and downloaded the App for my IPhone so he could play the game as well. He chose the figure “Cole” because “he looks like Daddy in his Ninja suit, but Daddies sword and staff is much bigger”, his words, we tried to scan the barcode from the rear of the box / packet but we cannot get it to work, the IPhone scans it and then drops out with a cross over the main screen.

    Why is this not working?

    He is very upset, and that makes me very upset that he is upset, are we doing something wrong or has Lego / Apple let us down, again?


    Ninja Neil

  8. Metalhead says:

    Which barcode do I need for the first quest?

  9. Coffee says:

    I can’t get the barcode for the Cole Drumstick Quest. It doesn’t seem to work. Anyone got an idea?

  10. Mime mime mime says:

    OK, lets all shut up. lol

  11. archie says:

    good game but hard to compleat with out internet or all the sets

  12. Per says:

    Anyone that has the code for the quest “All ninjas on deck!” (you’re supposed to find a rudder)? Or at least knows which set it refers to?

  13. Lego engineer says:


  14. Jeffrey says:

    My son and i are stumped at how to get the app to allow us to enter the barcode manually. I have been trying the scan the barcodes that contain the requested items but they wont work. I have tried many many times in different ways but for some reason I can get to the screen which allows to manually enter barcodes. Does anyone know how to solve this ? THANKS!

    • Marsha says:

      Press the scope as if you are going to scan a bar code, scan the typed out number of the barcode it will then give you a keyboard to enter the number into manually.

  15. Jeffrey says:

    I have purchased the sets but still i cant get the scan right. I am playing on an ipad2…

  16. Viper says:

    it works for i phone maybe you need to reinstall

  17. bug2799 says:

    I think you have to tap to scan.

    Anyways, I’m stuck on a couple of the barcode levels. They are “Plumbing Problems” and “A Mortal Cannot Go”. Which barcodes do they require?

  18. John canlas says:

    Cam any help me find the rudder? For jay ship

  19. SRopen571 says:

    Please let me know the barcode for “Plumbing Problems” and “Wrench”

  20. Toon.B says:

    in which sets are the 3 parts needed for Jay’s stunt bike (challenge called “Xtreme Jay”) ?
    what is the barcode ?

  21. Toon.B says:

    in which set is the replacement rudder (challenge called “All Ninjas On Deck!”) ?
    what is the barcode ?

    • Mamma289 says:

      Hey Toon,
      Did you end up finding out the barcode for the rudder, I can’t find it anywhere, and have tried to Destiny Bounty but doesn’t work.
      Please help me!

      • Toon.B says:

        Hey Manna289,
        I didn’t find it yet – I think a helicopter would do, but I don’t have the barcodes…

        set 2521 includes a Skeleton-helicopter, but it’s a limited edition set
        set 9443 includes a Rattle(snake)-helicopter

        If you find the correct barcode, please do not forget to post it here !

    • pedrobubble says:

      Dragon Earth Defence 2509 link on the bottom of the page 😉

  22. John says:

    I’m looking for the barcode for “Storage”, Scan the “EXCLUSIVE” set containing a Barrel.

  23. anna says:

    my little son looking for “zane the bowler”, “booty hunt”, “golden spikes”& help us, please

  24. Kai says:

    Hey i need the sword of fire barcode, anyone got it?

  25. Kai says:

    Please help me on the i phone game!!! these are the ones I don’t know please reply as fast as you can!!! Butter Fingers, Masters of the Elements, Partyjitzu and Three Grayned Staff.

  26. Andreas says:

    What is the barcode for “LEFT HANDING” and “LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS” and “HAPPY CAMPER” and “AT THE CONTROLS”

  27. Andreas says:

    what is the barcode off lego product 9564?

  28. Andreas says:

    Hi it is me again…
    The barcode for the earth dragon defence is 5702014734661

  29. Mohana says:

    How do I get sp on the app

  30. Andreas says:

    Mohana sp is on lego ninjago snake.
    This is lego ninjago spinjitzu scavenger hunt.

  31. ayachan says:

    Hi. what’s the barcode for the circle stuff of the partyjitzu? thanks

  32. pedrobubble says:

    Yeah i need it too partyjitzu pan!!! which set is it in? Plus any advice on how to knock boneheads out of bounds? Its really hard 😛

  33. Devin says:

    What’s the barcode for storage

  34. pedrobubble says:

    All barcodes!!!!
    I created barcodes from all the available boxes. They have the model number but not their names (Its in the first 4 digits). I hope this helps everybody 😉

    PS-if somebody could tell me the set models for the LANCE and the GOLD BAR and CHEST I would appreciate it 😉

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